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At least give them a look. So I went up and threw in Seattle. And it was it was like a private throwing things just me and a couple of receivers one of them happened to be Steve l'argent. So he happened to be in the building and there. Hey, would you to receiver out there and he volunteered to come out? And catch some balls off his shoes. Just so that was helpful. So I signed pretty much half hour later, whatever they put in front of me pretty much same way. I send my first ESPN Bill didn't really read it, just oh, really. I get to join this. I'm in so. So so I threw in their pre camp for a couple of few weeks. And then when the real camps started over in Cini Washington at the time, the very first day, they brought me in and put me on this machine that I thought it was just like another test, you know, like running at forty or doing the ranks or whatever. Instead, it was a specific test specifically for me to find out if they wanna even keep me around at all and the doctors just wouldn't clear me this up. My ankle suck. We're like we're not gonna take a risk on emerging player and having get hurt on day one. So I tried for a couple more years though. I tried a couple of CFL tryouts USFL, and I guess my my paperwork wasn't outstanding. You know, the fact I was only second-string and college and got a ruined ankle. So then right. We're good. That'll smell. You have tried to hide those down the bottom of but I'm still playing at my age. But now just recreationally I get to play the Pearl Jam team flag football game every year. There is money for Cronin. Mike mccready the forest deals with that. He's done this really cool thing for number years where we play out centrally. And then I still play with some veterans and win fact we're going to get to play game a Super Bowl week. Yeah. We're going to talk about that in minute. I wanted to ask you. So, you know, I I heard another podcast you talked about how your parents were very invested early on, you know, the kids sitting in front of the television and talking about current events. And you said that early on you were more interested in politics than news than sports. Did you have the same personality that you have now that everybody knows when you were a jock in high school, and in college because there aren't a lot of athletes that anyone gets to cover that are dry and sarcastic, and sort of sardonic were you always like this or is this more of an acquired personality once you got out of the straight sports life. I know I think I've always been the same. I might have refined. How I deliver it a little better through the years. I guess would be the closest thing to compare what's. Because like when I was doing local sports here. You know, we we did things like I had a I had a lab little pet lab. Labrador black lab and I had him chew on a baseball. And then was shot like a really tight shot of him. And we would roll the scores over him eating a baseball and called the dog days of summer scoreboard. So like, I was experimenting trying hopefully different things..

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