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Majit Florida. Cincinnati Right Shit Nah start off. Tell everybody liked the video. Stop Hating own giving you all ever spit and She it'd be honest which I even read honest dealing white talking Shit again cloud Jason He laws against Aj. He taught him about people getting fucking. I've been knocked out in training and Shit I was trying to. You need to worry about his cell phone keep visit. deontay wilder booked up in. It is what it is. UK Need to stop hating support. Roy Bullshit they know USA where it's all all right. Thanks for calling and We're GONNA go to Steve Ringer Talk to me Chicago. Bag Ramona learn how you doing. Good Good Morning yes dear and white you know we you. Who did he just thought that walked locked guy and he didn't even look that good like to me? He's just like a bitch that's what they do over there they dissect like a bunch launch bitches to me. That's my opinion but hey I wanted to ask you something. You made a comment yesterday in since you had a shields as as manager here today. Do you believe that showtime has a bigger boxing audience than dissolved It's difficult to say right. We at least know the showtime could get a million when they got the Anti Dawn. They've gotten at least seven. Oh five with Devante Davis on his last last affair. We've seen consistently get six hundred. You know we are not Given the numbers to design they just said six hundred thousand. US Viewers Watch Cannella Jacobs and then just said another whatever maybe six to eight. I think Mike I don't remember the exact number but stick with six hundred thousand subscribers is so you know they're just starting to do Do numbers which is good. I'm not mad at you. Know I want them to succeed. I want them all to succeed. You made a comment that like The high by being on zone. Yes with that with that of the Mexican girl said I hope I hope people watched absolutely because this isn't Cannella Nello and AJ that make six to eight hundred people. Come Watch at this. Was French Sean Crews Alejandro Hernandez who no one knew IDA in no Jimenez. That is your time. I know him as we knew deserve. But how many people watched deserving in you know what I mean so yeah just I will say in like. I hope that it got watched by a lot of people for for the sake of the women not taking a shot at the network at all. You know let's yes. Well I've been in. Oh yeah he's ready. He's ready certainly need a good mother fucking co-pilot man. I wish yes. We had good fucking Blog some bullshit brought. Hey Hey asked what he got the bad line Johnson you in this guy a fundamental so I think you're probably right when you Hoping that that people go to dissolve zone connect probably would that very entertaining fight. I think with the with the social media frenzy that been going on maybe people have when now in on the accuweather fight into town and I think he's a good site to watch really put up. Put Women's boxing in a good place over the past Kim with all priests is not just that one. The thing of women have a big future. And it's for the boxing it will keep getting Fights like those guys Friday night and Saturday night. Let me interrupt interrupt for one. Second they give it back to you. Go Get Steph and Shaw just want to tell all my skype listening. I'M GONNA have to put you on mute blogs down so we gotta use the bat line for this interview and we WanNa keep bringing you guys interviews Definitely going to have Tony Harrison on on Thursday so I think we had the bump tech Sharia off Thursday. I mean 'cause like he's a Spanish Sony so glad to translate in enemies Brazilian So maybe we Bump them up to like the forty five slot or the eight o'clock slot and do Harrison at seven thirty Thursday so skype. I hope you listening incident. We will be back to you. You know what I mean We just got to use that bat. Lana get on with the with the with the man of the hour. So Yeh EH my biggest everybody out notices joining this stream of data with shout out my my my regular out the needle Brown. You know what I'm saying as a real big got you. Cyp Can Nello on saying Jr.. Core Bob Bob Jones as as to UK. Box simply to attend a lot. juryman remember when Tony Harrison on saying complex the Mike you always want him on of stepping. Sean I'm ready to hear hear from this Guy Johnson and a lot of things that I really don't know about him say I haven't really been able to catch one because they've been UFC. Fight Pass but From from what the bill says don't saying he is one of those guys that that there's GonNa be a player later on this division. All Right Mike we're back and we are live with Stephan big shots. Shaw Mr Shaw how are you good morning. Happy New Year and thank you for having the taking the time out to come on the show. Talk to the box invoice and just let the public know little bit more about yourself in what's going on with you man. Search Stephan Shop Stephan Big Shot Shaw. Thirteen and ten knocked goes twenty seven zero undefeated heavyweight prospects wanting to be a tender from Saint. Louis you know Ready you know just not my thing. You know she's been a process you know but signed up for it and God is great so I think so you from the show me state now how how has been from Missouri I did you. You get the Connection all with what do my manager taking the waters. You know I'm I'm signed I'm one of the fighters under the split. T management banner On he made that you made a Made A business forum so are credited to my manager you know in Lieu Lewis Interested in you know walk in every sense. You know it's been it's been great man has been one of the good moves for you man because You know we got a chance to meet you early in at one of your visits to the wild camp but Lou has been having you busy. I've been able to watch your fights on the pass and you know he's keeping you busy man. What do you think about the activity and you know how how has that been has been great? You know we live in a new new always knew how to move young guys you know from when he started you know. HBO Boxing After Dark. You know what I mean like like he like he's always saying you know Always saying a vision of the future in boxing and the future you know I remember Being a little kid and you know are found out late late teens all the two thousand games and took the not hyphen with him. You know Got Him up that contract Don King. So you always pretty much knew gotta move guys and you know make you know make guys into into something you know so like I say I'm proud I'm proud to say you know I'm still I'm still hurt. You know undefeated you know and It's it's only GonNa get better you know it's the beginning you know Twenty years the heavyweight relatively still so like I said he's beginning you guys just really getting a glimpse of what I can do and like I say in the beginning of a long lushness career. How long have you been boxing? When what age did you pick up the crap? Well I've been around boxing since age appears all man. I'm going to pretty much. You know boxing already Terry Sporting family. You know Grandfather Winston Buddy Shaw. You know he's mentor Some of the most or over now coaches in America Of this of this generation. You know what I'm saying He was good friends with the mayor. Stewart you know he was alive he. He introduced me to menu. You know He is is from Saint Louis Missouri to become fighters under the CROCK banner. You know And he may multiple national champions on Amateur level you know and you know you pass it down to my father and my father passed it down to me like I said. I've been around boxing my life but I actually actually started training for like boxing to fight was when I was seven years old and I had my first Friday nine years old. So you know I've been doing my thing got a third round knockout l.. So He's been.

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