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Increasingly see Alabama will be left out of the college football playoff for the first time it's Frank Crimson Tide fell the water in the iron bowl forty eight forty five its second loss of the season first time in nine years families lost multiple regular season games and a couple of teams benefit from the crimson tide's defeat no ESPN's heather Dennis at this particular moment I still think they've got a great chance to impress the committee if they can be Oregon and the pac twelve conference championship game which can not close the door on those big twelve contenders Oklahoma and Baylor still in the mix the number six use advance of Friday's pac twelve championship game in a match against the number fourteen dot courtesy of a forty five forty fourteen route of Colorado number nine Baylor number seven Oklahoma will be in the big twelve title game Saturday thanks Jana's agreed in principle to return as the head coach at Rutgers NBA James harden season high sixty points in three quarters he played Thompson Kobe Bryant only players hit sixty in three quarters in the last twenty five years harden the rockets handing the Hoff attempted second of lost one fifty eight one eleven Bucks rolled over the forty one thirty seven ninety six there were eleven straight win NFL injury news from ESPN's Adam Schefter forty Niners running back Nedry Dobbs today's marquee match against the ravens noon eastern ESPN radio and ESPN after all the more tight and Nicole oil les receiver miles Boykin will test the injured ankle pregame before any determination is made cardinal Cormac Kyla Marie will start against the rams Broncos rookie QB locks that to make his first NFL start against the charges Monday recapping Pat's Texans in the rest of Sunday's action plus is the best receiver tandem in the league playing on Monday Night Football plus who was on the weekend and will we pause or play on your team is going to win your Monday radio these fantasy football frenzy you want the latest info how's your line up look and who's heard who's injured is listed as questionable questionable what does that mean no one knows what that means break down today there is to close the call your opposition like if I start him and then he doesn't play I literally have nothing in the back no back up fantasy expert Jeff Miller has it for you I mean they're playing they know they should tell us I mean twelve weeks right here ESPN one thousand good Sunday morning.

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