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Pesky Faulk gets out of your way, your CBS RAV weather calling from plenty of sunshine today, it's going to be beautiful actually a high of seventy five tonight's low near sixty and tomorrow pretty much the same with a high of seventy eight it's sixty five at Wellington polo sixty-nine market. Keren Curtis working on more news for the next update. What's going on kind of super excited about this? My love this kind of stuff. I always watch ancient aliens and that kind of stuff. They found forty. I'm sorry. That's my cake. That was nice little interesting. Aliens it's the mummy band there. They found forty mummies in Egypt, central Egypt. Sounds like a huge fight. It is they said they were buried inside stone and wooden sarcophagi. It's weird though, the below sausages. They do right. I'm going to put the picture of the website look at that. That's weird off welfare. Look like sausages. All right. It's pretty amazing there. They say they're in very good condition. It's men women and children, and they think that they're rich and famous people. Oh, yeah. They were Cirkovic I wouldn't mess with them. I wouldn't want to be on that discovery, right? Saw the mummy. That's right. You open the tomb and your big beetles. Come and get you. Yeah. And they also found fragments of Pap hurry pep papper. Not potpourri. Delicious. Papyrus. Right. So maybe it says something about who's in there. Maybe they'll find a driver's license or something where were they where? Central Egypt, and they've been there for over three hundred three thousand years rather incredible. Yeah. Oh, man. So interesting so put that up at the website. So you can see it, very dear. Daycare.

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