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I'm here again with me. Konishi from up too good. And you were just sharing your story about watching documentaries every single night That would just rip my heart out. Were you crying every single night? Yeah, I would cry rugby and raised. I would feel something strong. Then it felt like in vain with food. I could change my own eating habits. But there were a lot of content that I was watching them like, what do I do with this? And then? I also felt bad because I could have gone online. Look, you know, talk to more people Research how I can best help. I didn't know my life was very busy in the meantime, at my day job who? What? Where I was hoping advertisers connect with their target audience with social media influencers. Content, custom content and a call to action. And that's something that we always looked for. And so our biggest clicks for clicks. Take exactly just that. They're just clicks. There's really no benefit to it. But what action are you act asking the consumer or the donor to take right? Actually makes so much sense. Now that you tell me that story was there one specific moment where you're like, I can't do this anymore. I need to work on my own project. You know, it was kind of a gradual build and you know, but a zay kind of got more entrenched in my personal life, watching this type of content. It just was gnawing at me that even though what I was doing and who what? Where was so amazing with such an amazing experience? With the team with an incredible team that we have, and they're still going, you know, building that into amazing company. Very proud of that. I thought that it was time for me to step away into my own thing. And brings a lot of that kind of experience that I built out into the social impact space, and I'm actually an outsider. I'm just an average person. I don't have a nonprofit valley and build a very successful company before this one. So let's not be too happy about that. But you are really an empowered woman. And you took what was really unique in a fashion and retail space on you're applying it to a whole new industry. Yeah, has been a woman being a female founder impacted that decision because most non prom That's as we all know, are led by or founded by females. So it makes sense for you to kind of meant marry that fashion element and the nonprofit piece. Obviously the nonprofit pieces, not fashion focus, but has been a female impacted that process for you. How has it you know, to be honest, it hasn't You know, I've never been one to I'm a huge supporter of women just going out there and owning it and killing it. Um, big proponent of that, But it's never really occurred to me like I'm a woman. So did it. Go today? You know, it's like If anything, I come from Japan. I'm originally from Tokyo. And in that culture, it's you know, it's a lot more difficult for women to have opportunities in their career in entrepreneurialism, and I grew up with that. And then I also did some cross border business between Japan and the United States earlier in my career, so I really have seen the contrast of all the opportunities that are afforded here for women, even though It's still there's a lot of room to grow. I see it more as kind of the world is our oyster here, as opposed to the lack that sometimes women feel and so I've never been like I've never felt held back because I was a woman. If anything, it's like, because you know there is a minority of women you know, in doing start ups and stuff like that. We actually empowered, empowering more than been limiting force. Well, clearly you're one of the women that are killing it out there in the space. You have built such a successful company. With who, What? Where, And now, this is your second venture. Correct. What has been the most impactful thing for you in building the second brand. Impactful thing. I mean, I think that it's just the passion that I have been wanting to make a difference and seeing an opportunity and just having that vision, so clearly, I think a Z I mentioned earlier just having having experienced that feeling when you watch something, really, In fact, for a story that matters that's really What motivated me to want to do this? And I just want to have storytellers to have a platform to be able to do that even more effectively than the narrative is so important. It's important in the for profit Franz and nonprofit, whereas I love the way that you're doing it. So as of right now, it's just you and your sister. Correct or you're gonna start hiring when you guys are expanding rapidly at this point. How many people were at who? What? Where? When you left. I want to say about 50 people. But they've grown since then. So now having had that experience who is the next higher for up to good Now that you've seen the progression Because you were there in the very beginning, and you saw it grow? What do you think? Is the next proper higher for you? I think the next proper higher for us is actually going to be a technology person. You know, we we've had a new, incredibly supportive technology team, but we outsourced it. So we do feel like it's time for us to, you know, have a new house technology leader that we can really count on and grow. I think that makes a whole lot of sense. And the great news is that now that we're here in Silicon Beach is so much more together than ever before, So I'm sure you'll be able to hand pick the right fit for you. Someone who has that same passion make it. Thank you..

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