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I agree I agree. He didn't have. We had him on the show a couple of times during that time period and we gave them some critiques. We told them menial more energy little bit more energy some of those early videos. I felt like I was learning something but I was also snoozing chuck's Jifa while watching it now. Dan has become this. Perfect telestrator operator. He's very good at describing things. Dan is very like I am A. We're big fans of Danner lots over here. Well that's the thing though pat with you you think. Everybody can bring both the energy in passion and excitement with the intellect. You're one of the only people that can do that. That can inform people but also get people super excited and be funny at the same time like there's not many people on the planet that can do that. Pat. I feel the same way about you. Aj you know what the thing about you is your so dry to. Nobody understands your humorously. I would assume that when you worked with some people. It was very difficult for that. They thought they couldn't get a budge on you. I would assume that is the case. Because I don't know how you don't have full-time somewhere. I honestly don't. There's a Kadewe right here you're looking at my full-time GIG PAT. Oh this is full-time through ask three days. Yeah I was just looking at my future. See if it was possible. I think this show is a potential. Maybe you know full-time thing. Yeah I I. It's probably an accurate representation of myself but you those golf. You have those golf events with all those celebrities to gyms cruise cruises and Ohio state. So probably have take the show off on those times but other times. I think we'll just continue to do this. What happens? Yeah we're here for the foreseeable future. I don't think anyone's going anywhere really doing a whole lot. So yeah why not all right? Well we gotta get out of here You don't have any more backdrops us at two backdrops set up. Oh Yeah I forgot. We're in the middle of that and be honest. Probably fucking reaper pepper dude. I'm that's all I'm thinking about it and you're shook you're shook like you. Are you feel right now? Like I used to feel the night before a conditioning test in college. I used to feel that way too. I understand exactly what? That's exactly how I feel right now. You're just you're nervous and whatever you're doing before it doesn't matter because it's like you're not even hear nothing matters. None of the. I can't prep for this. This is just. I'm just jumping into a situation that's going to suck and I'm just staring at right down a barrel. But I'm earn money for people and I want to let them be mentally tough enough to get that thing up to at least forty five hundred bucks which would be three minutes without touching anything. Do you have milk? Ready is supposed to help from what I've been told there's been a bunch of experts that have Sent me twitter messages. Not Messages between you get it that I've been like you know you got to fight fire with fire. Warm Up Tortilla. Toss that thing on your and then somebody's like do all the time. It's not the milk. It's actually the ice cream you need to put on your your tongue there. Then everybody has their own idea. Everybody has their own agenda. I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm GONNA have a drink because they're paying out the money to the commenters and I'm going to have milk. Probably that's GONNA end up just getting doused on my face if I had to guess what would be fun for for people to watch now. I'm glad you're doing it. You should talk to Chris. Is it Chris Evans? Who runs at first? We feast the hot wings. Show you to watch. I do just call him or the column reach out to him. I mean you're an internet celebrity. You're a huge star. I'm sure he'd be excited to get a message from you. I am nowhere near the hot ones level. That is Think you are. You're he seemed. He's a cool dude. He seems like it. Have you met him? No ceiling from interviewing people that are eating ferhat things. He does a very good job at the show. Yeah it's a new weird concept that you wouldn't think of and it's taken off great idea for show great show just like cold. His Balls Kevin Hart. The interview in Awkward Situations is always good and John Evans is great job. I think so again. We'll probably see that more now. Like people thinking of weird situations they can put you into because everyone will podcast. They've all done. I don't WanNa just sit one on one on anything. I need to come up with like a hook with something that makes me different from everybody else while the TV's turning into Internet right now they're facetime with people from backdrops our next one. It's literally an Internet. This is they're doing internet shows on TV right now. The next one is Michael Irvin. This was the call heard. Ron Houston one. Yeah Oh this guy's the basement of a church or a Ymca or boys and Girls Club. Maybe his house. I'm not sure the hanger in the background with his suit. This one is the best one not bad lit by the way not bad lighting but the optics just seem like you know what this guy is in the middle of something for sure. Get them the hell out of here. I mean Michael. Irvin's is pretty amazing. I I like that. Especially the he drops the he dropped. Supplement gets ran everywhere after he comes out yonder. Hopkinsville O'Brien comment. So it'll be interesting to see over the next twenty four to forty eight hours if we hear anything from Bill O'Brien in the Texans Organization and I give credited Yonder Hopkins. I guess we're kind of standing up for well is there? There's no one that's going to be better than that. Is there puke thinking about what's going on here in an hour? Why are you so nervous? You agree to do this. Why are you so nervous? I thought to do this. Two point. Two MILLION SCO two point two million scovill chart. What does that mean? What does that mean? I have no idea w pepper. Diggs got it. It came in his bag. It's dried to drive when we have to put it in water for fifteen minutes. It's going to be awful man. There's a lot of seeds in ones I seen to law the seeds man. Yeah I think you should just just block it out you'll be fine pat. Don't worry about it..

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