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Check that out when i tell you to get those pieces. Get him now. Let's say you're something knows y.'all podcast pup pop called. Oh my gosh. yoga pocket. popcorn turned around jassat. If this thinking going up like this like you know who's really like listening to me. I mean i love your the you know a actual actual me me a post they hold on. I took a picture of let me see cubic dear. 'cause i wanted to make sure i gave some of your shoutouts. 'cause y'all have really especially up in In china y'all really listening to me show. Y'all my gosh. I love your y'all up. Dear do united states and then there's china it used to be lagos nigeria stuff like day all binds. Lead let me see. She had these notes together. I'm terrible you'll let me see here. We go okay. So we got china. India right united kingdom ireland nigeria spain south africa puerto rico france germany russia canada kenya brazil sweden jamaica japan. Australia chile gannett philippines air entries mexico. One in lee bahamas side done. Okay this is the name will other words just such david last one gives you shut out. Thank you does because i'm getting played over one hundred fifty different country. This podcast is crazy. Y'all got it really pop popcorn thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. Thank you like i see. This is just as such a j. China put it out there creases. That's it okay. Now what else. I can talk. This is so much. I'm s. She wasn't remember. I told you. I know my skin. Year rubbing black seawater. My skin now remember toys starve. Coconut oil on year so now stepped it up. Adopt your yes and wash my feet with the charcoal soup and it came up like me away like near my once a week. I got it like do like this detox. And because i can't do charcoal inside my body i figured know. Start off on the feet and the hands. So once a week i come up i start off with defeat and i come up a little bit more and that's how i got the coconut all over me in my body so i'm doing pretty good with this guy. I talked to you all. What else stayed. Y'all got them popping. Yes that's basically about it. We talk about the radio beep. Radio is now not be break. Radio eighty seven. Fm dot com. They're doing everything that now years. So y'all got to look at the podcast at some at. If y'all wanna get you know some of my stuff because i got a new radio show is called just such as affirmations. I put it out the pieces for your pataki. Catch me on their morning show. You're doing it. I got three different shows so you could get my podcast over ruge tv. We syndicated while other stations and other networks. Just go over there podcasts. Fm download it. Check it out. See if you're like them pieces just today. I think that's everything they're making love. Kitchen justice is jase. We are just as such date. That's my kids. Pay checked it out the podcast network my own podcast network doin amazing with that. Thanks guys yogurt. Rate to be on the at and go going to be like people are gonna be of this journal. Whoever you want to add and just listen to all different types of pocket. One hundred level. They put this thing out there pieces for your home. I think that's it though from right now. Like there's so many pieces i can't keep going on asteroids so like big y'all for this word here gaga dropping down on man. I in hate when i got a job. But this is a prophetic word for some. Somebody needed this. Somebody so guy had landed on my heart. All these different light topics like this whole time i ever talked to you. I probably got like twenty different topics for miss. Sunday's were to pop. Podcast thursday and then i got something say like my new episode stuff my new series and everything and makes your check that out because i told you a lot of the pieces that i have gone on in in I think i was just put it out there on thursday. My new series squad got something also say summation you check that out. But he had been given me just like laugh. A lot of different words. Sanchez davison filial. So he gave me this one about rejection online rejection. I'll put that thing out there. Every day said no the one that you've got to do right now. Is this going to be this. Sunday's were and is gonna be speaks. How god speaks to you and i'm like away married. He did something like that. You not did. The whole satan talks to you. And then god talks to you too and know like a spinoff it. Is you know what i'm talking about him. Born back and forth and all it is watching the past. Y'all agai you talking to me. 'cause i know like what you want you to say your people you don't speak to me. I wanted to be me. I wanted to have nothing to do with me. I'm like use me. Lord the show someone that way you know so i'm like you know. What are you talking about. He comes to chris. He's talking about saying saying in the bible. Yoke saying sarah samuel sam sales check to right so let me read. And then i'm gonna put this thing out the pieces summit wrap it up. No me won't feel good about yourself are really think somebody's going to get paid on the other day. Somebody will come. Look this right here real. So he'll be gone my bible year. Okay solo here we go. I same three right. The boys samuel was allies helper do with samuel and so he was allies up right right but they basically served the lord together all right now at this time. Okay in a bible the lord. But he didn't speak to people like dick right you know they're really know like that. Can they have some visions of stuff. You know that was going on. But for god's directly talk to you know stories like that they wouldn't that that went out like that so ally right. Okay remember samuel. He was a boy he was. Eli upper so. I was getting older age right. As is he started getting real dim real week. Would it not deg on your blah. So he you know the ball was there to help you so basically one night saying he knocked out and he falls asleep late. No what happens when you tie. He not all right. He is so right. The laura call cebu..

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