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Well what do you think that the main cause of that would be that transition from where are were saying now yacht chill to where these guys are like i think it's a lot i mean even if you listen to music yeah you know is all about pills drugs yeah you know getting high coating you know what i'm saying like and the kids not ev you if you look at what they listen to the futures and it's just not respect we don't want to just you know that's what they hear and they think it's cool you know so they tried if they like it they keep it going i think that's a huge point that you hit an i hate to say that music has such a strong influence on our youth but it really does but in that same arena where there's drugs and there's a big city komo sairy drugs in a big city usually things that happen are like the father's usually missing the home and you actually did grow up without what was that dynamic like because i grew up with my father and i know a lot of cash that didn't a lot i know a lot of cats that that was a huge crush for them as to why they didn't do the right things or or or focus on the shit that they needed to focus on went the other way so like what do you think your the foundation that you had really came from.

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