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So that we don't lose the battle to kind of what they used to call greenwashing where people say they're doing a good thing just to sell their product when it's really not that sustainable or that environmentally friendly and so what we're hoping to do is to really build this momentum with integrity rather than people again just trying to make money off of it people all making money once did he shows fifteen billion us dollars where poor into impact investment in two thousand fifteen venture capitalists cyrano cohen predicted tipping point for the movement will happen in twenty twenty when bloedel impact assets i expected to reach free hundred billion my personal thinking is if we don't reach a tipping point pretty soon and turn this we're going to lose the battle and we're gonna lose it serve we have to start investing in a way that protects the planet that protects its people and i'm really hopeful that this movement's going to have a lot to do with that and moving people's awareness moving the needle making that tipping point arrive where it's just unheard of to invest in something that you don't understand you would say i want to be careful with how i invest because i care about the world one way we invest is by putting our money bents but over free dozens banks including wells fargo bank of america and citibank support in findings adecco the access pipeline climate activists in the epa said the pipeline will increase greenhouse gases endanger wildlife in effect local american indian tribes susa folder in two thousand seventeen seattle became the first city to break ties with wells fargo in protest.

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