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A handful of nemeses at this point you do og nemesis jesse tyler ferguson shout out if you're listening again gonna tweet back at me like rudely my og nemesis jesse taylor ferguson is friends with steph shep at all leads back to jesse taylor ferguson instagram together just went to see him play she went to play that has a bad review in the new york times and the reason i has about of you in the times lynn called to be like hey bobby just wanna let you know just forgets and show was reviewed in the new york times and it's a bad review by shady is how you guys are shady is home so let's move away from the crash karachi for now i think we come back to them because i think we talk about everything comes i know genetic in comes back to them and so two scott whatever so we're moving on for a second to somebody whose name literally is nonstop in my who feed which is brad gress key he is he is the best friend to to i was gonna say he's like he's like budget andy cohen in a way he's like andy cohen but without a tv deal you know he knows everyone everyone likes him he's does have a tv deal like he does tv it's like he's just on fat he's just like on e he doesn't run network but i'm just saying like he does have a tv do definitely does so greg brad gretzky is a style list he does lima shell their friends but also the most important person he does is our girl kaley quoque married this weekend and they're obviously her went into that wedded i don't know but her wedding hashtag was casey squared i don't know if you saw that k c squared because he'd kevin all carl carl cook he's so strange looking straight oh strained look day appearance lindsey don't i just think he's weird looking i'm sorry i think they're really cute together kalian carl do you know that they had they had can i text you picture right now this is the most kaley kogo like she so joyful here she win win win is killing grow joyful so happy she so rich and so happy she got matching jackets embroidered with you know together forever kc the casey's another helpful knowing killick roco i feel like that's was like a big a big deciding factor in her decision to marry this person because they had the same initials and that's cute what does that brioche bun is that a brioni i've that's been branded casey squared i know we're a little bit off topic but i found the woman's account that planned this wedding and let me tell you it is full of gems i just sent you another one there's a bun with casey squared burned into it literally brioche bun for those of you can't go right now this is literally a brioche bun on which kc squared has been branded and underneath that is a lawn sloped lawn well mode very green sloped lawn on which it's like in like a like baseball diamond that like chalk that chalk has written casey squared and then entire feed is kaley cogos winning and let me tell you it is casey squared on hunting board oh my god everyone at cake kleague wilko's wedding got individual men as and condiment tubs that is so woke us wedding had a dessert table with a bouquet that is shaped out of flowers as like an ice cream sunday adding even if a mini tabasco when like a mini manny's jar it's probably like a garlic ailey but still that's okay somebody was rolling cigars at this wedding why are we not invite it was it kentucky derby fem d kind of custom wouldn't play it's the perfect natural touch all my gone got the horse was were there they had a wire breather own god bobby they walked on the aisle and the horses run either side i'll love this one this one me over i can't oh he's he's looked on your right but that's cute that's cute he looks like he looks garrett hedlund mixed with like a team skarsgard brother like if you something just if you mix scare hedlund something like a sort of vampiric nordic face there's something a little bit charmingly inbred and nude colored beard involving this person carl the good old garl it's like what like what if nas virata like had a.

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