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Racist policies. Charlotte Reese Kow NewsRadio, You can do it, but should you That's ahead. But first way of traffic and weather on the news, and we start with Brian. Good morning, Brian. That's always the question. Should I? Um, 90 95 is actually back to normal in the Philadelphia area. We had some construction on 95 in Delaware County all weekend long, where they picked up some of it on the South bound side earlier this morning. They picked up just after 10 o'clock. They picked up the north bound construction at the Delaware State line. So everything moving just fine there. That's not the case on 76 eastbound. You started out the brakes and you get the spring Garden Street That's due to the ongoing closure between the Vice Expressway in university that closure for ongoing work this weekend. That will pick up tomorrow morning around 5 a.m. We're seeing delays on the Vine Street Expressway in both directions because of it. Now, the rest of the majors are pretty good through Philadelphia. The bridges were looking pretty good, too. We go back to New Jersey on update on this problem on 55 North bound for those coming back from the Southern shore points, we had all lanes blocked about a mile north of Exit 39 for Route 40 and Elmer. They have now opened all but actually, they're getting you buy on the left lane. The right lane remains closed. They're doing an accident investigation Because of the seriousness of this crash again. This is 55 north and you're going to pretty much be bumper to bumper from Exit 39 up to the accident scene Once you're past there your fight, but it'll add about 15 or 20 minutes to your ride. Mass transit at this point appears to be on or close to schedule. We thank the tipsters that gave us that tip on 55 everyone else who calls us that 2157 24 10 16 were still getting those calls. Leave a message in that mailbox and you help us more than you know. In the cable TV, a 24 hour traffic center Blind Ramona and now the five day forecast, here's NBC 11th Alert meteorologists. What a beautiful start to the day with a lot of sunshine. Some haze in the air and certainly feeling.

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