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The biggest dangers may involve biotechnology stocks. Biotech stocks are viewed as a gamble for investors, high risk investments that could drop like a rock. Next article. Wall Street Journal Money and Investing title. The bond market is malfunctioning. Cole Street, and experts are criticizing the current dangerous lack of liquidity in the bond market. Wall Street experts worry that but investors may have to sell their bodies at big losses when the Fed Open Market Committee raises interest rates, Folks get out of risky investments. Get out of the Wall Street casino. Get a first year bonus a 15 to 20%. Get on the phone. The numbers 88755 88 87 again. That's triple 87558887, That's Perry Financial group specializing in wealth preservation, tax financial on the state planning since 1985 and over the last 25 plus years, Anthony Perry has supported many fundraisers and events in the South Florida area, benefiting many local charities, including the Anti Defamation League. Anthony's, a member of the ground. Jule Society, impresario of the Florida Grand Opera and honored by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, is one of the leading men in South Florida. Eddie raising funds to find a cure for cystic fibrosis happening. We want to thank you for your more than two decades of community service here in the South Florida community Now I mentioned the beginning of our program. If you stayed with us for the full 30 minute program, we would pay you for your investment of time and congratulations. You made it to the payoff. We are at the Lightning round. This is where we're going to throw out various investment strategies at Anthony. But before we even get started in the Lightning round if you're a main street investors looking for an investment fully safe and insured. Well, then you only have two choices. Folks, You only have two choices. If you want to safeguard and assure your investment, and the first choice is a certificate of deposit issued.

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