President Trump, Flint, Trump Tower discussed on The Lead with Jake Tapper


Same does this mean you think that they are focussing entirely on obstruction if if the only subjects that you know that they want to talk to the president about or the firing of flint in the firing of komi because that would suggest they're not interested in talking about you know the the the meeting in trump tower with donald trump jr at cetera george pompidou capitalist meeting with that professor with kremlin connections etcetera ii reporting indicates that the main to bucket fat muller's team has told the white house but they want to ask trump about our there's two firings and the events that preceded and followed those two different events ivc the foreign firing early in the presidency and the call me firing waiter vets brand and the indicated to the president's lawyers john dowd ty cobb and others that those are two of the things that they would definitely want to lead the questioning with and usually signals i'm just trying to look at how this was done with with previous highprofile individuals like hillary clinton and she was interviewed i believe our july fourth weekend 2016 and not long after it wrapped up do you think that this signals that the muller probe is wrapping up would it be careful and not saying what we all know of reporting is still to be done here in previous cases as you intimated the interview of you know the main subject has been near the end of the probe but the you know they continue to interview folks i'm one of the things our sources continue to tell us is that they're getting wealth so the information and each of these interviews that could lead them into new veins or two new places so i think we will be a bit presumptuous saying that just because they're interviewing the president means at the probe would immediately and afterwards i know obviously we were discussing this but when george pompidou apple is when his name appeared in that legal documenta after in his plea deal um it was a surprise to us because it was he was somebody about whom we knew very little uh there were there were really uh it wasn't the focus of the.

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