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End either then it's not gonna help much overall i think this is going to be one of those kind of a a quick trending thing that say remember when when tony larussa started heating his pitcher eight then a few other teams started to do that as well it was kind of a quick flash in the pan thing and i know maybe occasionally it still happens but you really don't see it that much anymore and this could be something like that but you know what why not give it a shot why not see if if i don't know who the rockies for for instance i don't like the idea of wade davis coming in i but maybe that would work with some of their starters and it would i for overall i think it's worth trying give it a shot see what happens sam farnsworth's of k k tv channel eleven joining us here on drive time sports how much of this western and eastern conference finals in the nba have you watched fairmount it's been fun i've i've been focused a little more on east i believe it or not that's just it's just been very compelling to me how lopsided it was at the beginning and then here comes liberal on again with his forty point games bringing the team back it's just ridiculous how he has been playing in this playoff it's it's incredible and we talked about it i think last week we're making the the comparisons a little bit with jordan how jordan with wouldn't wait for his teammates to to get involved he would just take over and kind of guide the ship and i was kind of i was kind of ridiculing the lebron for not being quite the same last night he definitely was just taking this this is this is my game to win come along for the ride if you're with me if not i'm i'm going for it and so that was pretty fun to watch so this eastern conference hasn't been very intrigued the west it's been interesting that last game or steph curry just went off.

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