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Six of those on the ground and we have five first downs compared to George's thirteen in the first two quarters we're certainly going to have to figure something out quickly we mentioned George's defense came in this game the second best scoring defense in the country only allowing twelve and a half points a game and rock solid so far here nine only well they were across the fifty yard line one time and forcing yourself from that position Georges without at least three of their starters and six guys on the defensive to be Houston brewer takes the football looks the troll rolls right swings it outside and he's due for the backfield turns in your corner right away the three yards of the twenty eight yard line Eric Stoltz was there to knock down to Michael Hastings in Georgia right now playing a lot of man to man coverage and just kind of sit on these underneath routes of the eventually Bruce can have to force the ball down the field Laura the bears of all through their time out throwing on second down the left side of the back shoulder brewer can't connect with tai kwon Thorton thought about the complete the right sideline every Stokes was out in front of the intended receiver brings up third and seven for Baylor we see that with the exception of those all melons man to man match of all across the board right now he's been the receiver just want winning them against the door to the fender sewers ten of eighteen down there the hurry up there all through their time outs is mentioned Georgia leading nineteen without the we'll we'll get the football to start the second half thirty six rule twenty nine yard line rule of the one sixty seconds looks love poems once once twice now whistles one over and it's called the thirty five yard line stepping out of bombs the store after making a catch Eric Stoltz was behind a but again of seven year the first down for Baylor well that was the only man who stared out the whole time was Thorton is usually one of the more the slant broke the pocket toward a nice job of turning that slammed into an outlet to the sidelines and found a for a first down first into the thirty six to the right to left take this now four men listener coming for Georgia rolling left brewers spends throws don't fit all over the Middle East hangs on has the forty yard line in a five on the play.

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