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We've got 70 degrees in the American Standard Cooling Weather Center. The time is 8 16. Anything even know? Tweet read, strapping down, Find it funny. That teaching about race and racism wasn't an issue for you until it was given a populist name C R T The same methodology has been taught in the better schools in Indiana for years, and you weren't worried until the label of C R T was generically applied to it. This comes from James on Twitter to same tweet. He has sent me now for weeks. You're boring in your big at James. That's who you are. Find it funny. I got to tell you. I think that when people start a statement would find it funny. I don't think they they find it funny. I think they're they're relying on cliche as as a crutch. Incapable of, you know, engaging a bigger, broader conversation. Tony Katz 93 w I b c Good morning. Remember, they hate you. For talking about critical race theory. They want to destroy you for speaking out about critical race theory. And then they lie about what it is. Critical race theory is bigotry. Anti racism is bigotry. The idea that it's not taught in schools. That doesn't mean that it is not something that is taught within schools when I say that the people doing the teaching have bought in solely and exclusively And so therefore they're teaching our kids. Why would I allow that bigotry to take place? It's much different than a conversation about race or teaching about American history, isn't it? Well, of course it is. A rational people know this irrational people call themselves James on Twitter and spout out nonsense. This is what we're fighting people who are unwilling to have the honest conversation. This brings us to David French. Who is David French. David French has written some things I have liked. David French. It's went in a direction. He certainly went in the anti trump direction, which I guess you don't have to like Trump. But never Trumper is, of course, ignorance. And he was actually tapped by guy by name of Bill Kristol, who used to be a conservative who mattered. And then he became, uh, you know, a guy who is still on the grift. I mean, really? Missing are the The larger scale conversation of of conservatism has been Bill Kristol, and he has been a stalwart in conservatism. But he wasn't a stalwart and winning. He wasn't a stalwart in fighting. He was a stalwart and looking good in a suit and getting invited to be on TV and getting invited to the right parties. Still buying into systems as they are. And he said David French for should run for president against Donald Trump and people said who David French is a writer at National Review. He's now and I think the dispatch And he tweeted out that there was an excellent piece. Over time dot com. And it's entitled the conservative case against banning critical race theory. The conservative case against banning critical race theory, and he's like, Oh, this is excellent. It says. By the end of June, 29 Republican led state legislatures had considered and nine had enacted laws to penalize schools or teachers teaching critical race theory. I'm not sure that's actually what took place, but rather it was a conversation of what is being taught not necessarily a penalizing. Of being taught. Was right. So it's certainly it would never have stopped in none of the laws as I know them stop the idea of a discussion of race, racism or America's history regarding slavery. It's etcetera. It's written by a disease hook. H U Q is the last name? I'm not familiar. And the only thing I know is that he teaches at the University of Chicago Law School. But I hadn't done a reason piece of research on him. Christopher Roof. Oh, did a piece of research on him. Um, I believe it to him. Hook. Huk Huk Q, Who wrote this article? The conservative case against banning critical razor now before we go any further. When you hear The conservative case against banning critical race theory. Allison when you hear that headline the conservative case against banning critical race theory What does that make you think? The conservative case against banning critical race theory. What would you outsider looking in? You read that headline. What do you think the article is about? I would say the article is about, uh against critical race theory, I guess and written by the perspective of a conservative, a conservative Hook is a former staffer for Ruth Bader Ginsburg, columnist for the Nation, which is the left of very leftist website and a donor to Hillary Clinton. I put forth to you that time magazine flat out lied. And did not give the reader the information. What an absolute failure. Of a conversation. Lie about who's writing and and certainly a headline that's meant to take people down the path that does not exist. And another purpose, which is to make you think that critical race theory is just fine. It's not just fine. It's not just fine. It's pure, raw, unadulterated bigotry. And it's being taught in schools by the way, because we know the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers have decided to go down that road and bring it in. And they've had trainings at the left from Abram Kennedy, who is a bigot, pushing anti racism that says you confront racism with racism and you confront future racism with racism. It strips away individuality and leaves only a groupthink. But don't ask for people like James on Twitter. You know anything about that? By the way? I don't know. James is real. James. I assume just some troll. Some boring nonsense garbage troll. Well, let's just get him the block right there, and we could be done with this fool. Speaking of the American Federation of Teachers, Randi Weingarten, president of the left, says millions of Floridians are going to die because of Ron De Santis. Rhonda Santa's governor of Florida is selling a trinkets. T shirts, coffee mugs. Don't Fauci, my Florida That's that's what says don't bow to my Florida. And dissent. The cells Don't Fauci, my Florida merges new coronavirus coronavirus cases near highest in nation. Okay? We're now seeing things Come back again with these variants. What have you people get vaccinated or they won't that'll be up to them. Randi guard Weingarten rights. Disgusting. Millions of Florian's are going to die for Ron DeSantis is ignorance, and he's choosing to profit from it. He doesn't care about Floridians he cares about furthering his own crew agenda. That's exactly the way we feel about you and your and your union When it comes to our kids. That's why millions of parents are fighting. Millions and millions and millions of parents are fighting. Because you're agenda.

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