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Why do a french person. Croissants burning thaw pickus tool our parka. sued Oh god she's get it together trying glued something. Uh this is donations folks wrong for our monthly Up on our websites and shit. Oh my god yes please. Yeah so basically. I thought that was so cool. So i just left it there and it's been there forever and i will say another thing about the guitar. That's that's interesting. Whenever you have a hard you have children. They'll go through a stage where they'll put shit in it. I'm sure like little bits of crayon and ninety action figure. I'll pick up to the plate and out here rattling i might. Oh god what's in it now. So i'm like holding upside down little pieces of sheriff falling out of it mike. Yeah my my daughter right now. She just walks up to mind and kind of trump's that she likes listening to the noise ex. Yeah some sometimes. I work. 'cause like show kinda grab grabow. It's like oh my god. I'm just like waiting for the snap and hit a here in the face of god. Yeah that that's all a little thing thing. That's kind of funny. Like when i when i have my strings for a long time and i don't change him out and i'm playing a lot. I can go through a phase where my playing every day for a little bit I'll be like tuning it just like this. I don't know how long these things have left. Man go waiting in ready. Because i've had a streak snap on me. it's saw. Yeah i mean i i. I've had i've had to snap on me And they didn't hit me. They missed me. Yeah i got hit lake road area just around this yard because like i was doing this and like i was like looking at something else while i was like pulling it like at the bottom because i thought like i saw like a nick at the bottom of the wrong string. No i was. I was i was doing the right string but i just i at one moment. I wasn't really listening. And i was just kinda like focused on at a scuff market than all of a sudden connor. Can you kiss her please. I need something from you. Yeah my stupid dumb ass was really drunk This is when we lived in iowa. I was probably twenty five. Twenty four and i was playing guitar and it was at a tune and i was like i. I was pretty drunk so they have to it. And i'm like holding it like On doing it. And i'm doing the wrong faction string and i'm like this is bullshit i it doesn't sound that doesn't change poop there. It went no no fuck. I didn't have any strings. Three strings. And i was really wanting to play. Put put a damper on. It was a buzzkill bro. Yeah imagine so. But i mean that's what you get like granted you're drinking should definitely notice that no change in noise at all. Nothing wrong wrong. Yeah is is pretty bad so going into like concerts and shit. Which was the first constant. You've ever been to so. This is really embarrassing. So i guess so. I guess this'll make up for your your your nelly per chelsea. I gotta go hide again. So have you ever seen the tv. Show hannah montana at any point in time. I know where this is going. Maybe maybe maybe maybe don't i have never seen it. But i know of is existence of okay. Well.

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