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In WTO news. It's 9 48 traffic and weather on the 8s, here's marrying the traffic center. All right, Liz, not too many slowdowns happening, but we do have a couple on 95 in Virginia, unfortunately. If you're heading northbound through Stafford county, we have a crash recorded past the center port Parkway exit one three 6, they're said to be on the right shoulder can't see this one. There's definitely a delay to get there on clear of some response showed up to the scene. Nonetheless, that becomes a breakaway point. If you choose the express lanes and staffer county be advised between the Stafford entrance and the two 34 dumfries exit, you've got work going through Quantico passing the Russell road exit and there is no exit for the express lanes and you've got a single left lane going through through Quantico and there is no big delay yet. It is slow, but we will keep an eye on this for you 95 running south. Always slows up the apartments at the aqua Quan, that's a laying configuration disorder. And once you figure out you've lost a lane, they're back to speed going south, nothing else reported ahead. Beltway runs well, both in Virginia and in Maryland on the Maryland side crash inside of the beltway is going to be on two 14 central avenue heading east between Hampton park and the beltway, watch for possible police direction. Around the capitol, we've got issues on both sides of the capitol building on the northwest side constitution Pennsylvania avenue closed between 7th and third for the national capital barbecue battle. East side of the capitol constitution is capital and first south first and second street north and south around the Supreme Court demonstration road closures happening there. And get an AC tuna from snow heating and air for $79 and up to a pound of needed refrigerant free, visit snow easy book dot com and book online in seconds, married to pump at WTO P traffic. Here's storm team four meteorologist clay Anderson. As a high pressure system moves to our east, we will have an advancing cold front

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