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I think we'll Fuller's got the most fun upside of anybody that's left and that's who I'm going to take if he makes it pacman one pick and he did. I let me recap the eighth rats shepherd Cam Newton, Ronald Jones alshon Jeffery, Robert woods. Robbie Anderson, Chris Godwin ninety first overall corden. Yeah. No, I mean, ninety first over all the, yeah, Corey Clemente is window Smallwood going to be a factor in the eagles backfield not a big one. Probably for a couple of weeks. I would say that you'll see two to three weeks where he scores a touchdown, and everybody's mad at him. To make his his eighth pick and it's gonna be. It's going to be all right. So Dave, what's? What's your team looking like now I still don't have a quarterback, which is totally okay. There wasn't a quarterback that I felt like was a major rip off for everybody else at that point running backs, Jamal, Williams, Payton, barber, Chris Carson. It does feel a little weird for me to only have three running backs through eight route said is not like me, but my wide receivers are in Tokyo Brown, AJ green, Alan Robinson, willful, or I've got Zakar tight end. I'm I'm pretty happy camper with those wide receivers in league were catches count for something. All right. Jamie took Kenny stills after Dave took will. Fuller to Rico goes off the board and he's takes Jamison, Crowder. I think we gotta talk tight end here. We are through nine of eight rounds, right? Eight rounds. We are now in the first pick of round nine. And once you three, four, five, six, seven teams have tight ends or miss. I'm sorry. Might be missing. Let me see who's taken here. Okay, I polish is for this delay. All right. Gronk. Kelsey, Erz. Olsen Burton. Graham Ingram are off the board, and so as Dave into Joko, how many of us have tight ends. Zacher tier. Heath? I have Greg Olsen. Oh, you off tight ends. I'm the only one who doesn't. I'm the only one. Thanks for noticing. I'm very sorry. George kit guys returned to practice. Yeah. How do we feel about him is he is he totally like safe to take now. At the right price? Yes. He's a great tight end await for he's going to be touchdown dependent, but he has a chance to, I think be in that seven to nine touchdown range. Just you have to deal with the catches in receptions, catches in yards not being necessarily great for what his production will be. Why do you think he's going to be touched on dependent way? Talk talk through your, oh, you just made a Pixar. He took the Jaguars Jaguars now you can talk about why he's touchdown. I just think he's he's not going to be a guy that they use a lot throughout the the middle of the field to the level of the elite level tight ends. I think he's like a poor man's Colorado. You took your your TST in the ninth round. Yep. Best player belt. And that's you're doing a kind of an experiment, right? There's nothing that I love. I was in a draft last night that I killed that saw the Jaguars going around six. That is their average draft position. That's whacko Jacko really surprised when I saw that. The Jaguars as much as the next guy. But rod, six is just this really good starters out there that you could take at that point. I wanna tell 'em behind the Rams. Yeah, once about fine. Where's Adrian Peterson? Just my IRA. So I'm on the clock here and I'll make my pick and then we'll recap round. Nine. We've got an Email about Devin. Funchess looks like he's Jamie's highest rank wide receiver if you want to know why are we so down on Devin funchess. I initially thought that DJ more was going to come in and make things tough on funchess to be the quote, unquote, number one. Not that he was not going to be pencilled in as one guy in depth start, but I thought that you'd see the targets relatively even between Funston more with Greg Olsen back with McAfee, icy being a big part of the offense that what funches did last year was really not gonna be replicated, but I thought he would even take a further step back and I'm completely wrong on that. Funchess is going to be still their best receiver. None. That doesn't mean he's their best receiving threat. I still think he's behind McCaffrey and Olsen, but he's in a much better spot right now, at least what looks like then DJ more..

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