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You're hoping that that's gonna be the guy. He is not, and Dan Campbell has said this at press conferences. He's not a good run blocker. Has not been a good run blocker in the NFL. Not as good as you need it to be. So for the Lions, let's play devil's advocate and say they're determined to keep this going with Dan Campbell. You have a great offensive line. And so even if you drafted a handsy tight end who's not a good blocker, pine soul or tailor decker helps him enough where you could get the job done, right? Yeah. And you can negate the bad blocking. So you don't want to extend hockinson, so that's kind of what you're thinking, right? Maybe that's the route that you go. I don't know. I mean, maybe that's maybe that's your devil's advocate. The other side of this is like if you're Dan Campbell or you just kind of like, well, that about sealed it, you know? And can you blame Dan? Because listen, this is a former NFL tight end. And I'm not saying that he's got time to fix TJ hawkinson, but like he should be able to hire a pretty damn good position coach who can fix TJ hawkinson, you know? Or maximize him. But I don't think we saw any of that, you know? So, I don't know, I think hockey has just been okay. With the Lions and the Vikings are, again, it's sort of like the chub thing, right? They're gambling that they can make him more than okay. But they also just needed a tight end. I mean, irv Smith got hurt and they have to have a guy. And hawkinson is probably your definition of a guy at this point. Yeah. No, I'm totally fine with this from the Viking standpoint. Toy logical, that's not really that much draft capital to give up to address what became a need, but aw man. Do you care that they're trading with the division rival constantly? No, no. I know a lot of people do. Or it seems, I mean, no, and you've written this at least once. Well, I mean, you say it. It's your thought. But I agree with it. What's that? It's just like there's so many avenues to the playoffs. You don't, it's cool to win the division, I guess, but there's so many avenues to the playoffs. I don't know. And it's like, oh, we see them twice a year. It's like, well, if you're trading them, you probably don't mind seeing them twice a year. Right. Yeah. I mean, and again, it's like it could work the other way around, where if you just smash the lion's heads in with TJ hawkinson next year, it really, it demoralizes them a little bit, I think. Let's go to buffalo where the bills get, they get dean marlowe back in the secondary. Nice move there. I guess. I like dean Marlo fine. But the bigger one was obviously najim Heinz from Indianapolis here. We'll start with the bill side of this and then we'll talk about the colts and we also have to talk about a coach fire with the golds. But yeah, look, the bills have very much been in the market for that check down back as Connor or branded it. It's the year of the check down in the NFL. They tried to get JD mckissick. Mckissick ended up changing his mind and going back to Washington. They were in it for Christian McCaffrey, just didn't want to give up what they had to give up. So they get nahim Heinz, who is, yeah, he's a stepped down for McCaffrey, but he's still really good. They drafted James cook. The only mild disappointment I feel is like, well, James cook is coming off his best game as a pro, probably. And it felt like, all right, well, maybe you have something going on here with James cook. And he'll still have a role going forward, but obviously they wanted someone a little more reliable and frankly, probably a little bit better at this very moment. And that is not a heme Heinz. I keep thinking about and I feel like I've said this like 11 times, so I don't know if I'm yelling on other radio stations or from just telling my wife this, like in our sleep or my kids, but how are you gonna defend the two of them coming out of the backfield together? Like, Josh Allen rolling out and Heinz is down there ready to take a check down, like they're just two of the most stylistically different human beings in the NFL. Like one is a small burner who you're gonna need a very specific kind of person to be able to bring down or group of people and one is a the brawny paper towel man that's gonna be carrying the ball into the secondary and that like with the axe, you know? So very hard to bring down. And so how do you, how do you account for that? Because a linebacker is not gonna get it done on Heinz theoretically. I mean, you're gonna have to have a good linebacker to chase him, cover him. And a cornerback's not gonna be able to tackle Josh Allen. So it's like, what do you do there, you know? SmartBear and still in the NFL, do you just go get Mark Barron? Is he still in the NFL? I don't know. No. No, he had a nice run in a couple of spots. I think he was in Pittsburgh last and Denver lex. 2020 played the pandemic year at the Broncos. Okay, all right, Mark Barron and I are like the same age. How about that? Huh. Interesting. Okay. He had a way better NFL career than I did. He did. Boy, I don't know why I said that. Just to be clear, I agree with that. I'll always remember Mark Barron for being the, this is going to be such an antibiotic take, but I agree with him 100% and it's one of his least popular takes. The tackle eligible touchdowns, and there was like a run back when Barron was I think still in Pittsburgh, maybe he was in LA at that point. Maybe it was with the rams. But Detroit did one. And there was this all sorts of confusion with the official announcement of who is eligible, didn't really come through and there was just a really frustrated Mark Barron

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