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Tools that you have to create experiences and find happiness from those experiences. That's a key question for Conrad's life. How do we prepare for death? What do we want for the people we leave behind soon? Conrad would become one of the people left behind and he would learn that some deaths nobody can prepare for. October fifth nineteen ninety nine five months after finding George Malary's frozen. Corpse Conrad was climbing shish Pungwe into bet. Refu- other men with him, including his longtime climbing partner, Alex low to outside magazine called the best mountain climber in the world at the time. Alex and Conrad were opposites in some ways Conrad, long, flowing, blond hair, Alex shorter, shaggy, Brown hair. Conrad was amount to mad living peak to peak Alex had a place he called home where his wife and three sons waited for him to come back safe. Conrad and Alex were best friends and had been for a long time. Had plan to fund stunt summit the mountain and then become the first Americans to alpine ski from eight thousand meters. Everything went wrong near the peak. They were crossing a glacier when an ice shelf broke away above them. No time avalanche was upon them. Everyone scrambled to find cover from the crashing snow. Conrad was thrown a hundred feet. Then it was silent. Conrad climbed out of the snow. His head was cut open to ribs broken shoulder. Dislocated? But. He was alive. As everyone regrouped. However, they realized that two men were missing a young talented. Alpine photographer named David bridges and Alex Lowe. Even with injuries..

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