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Ching nancy pelosi this morning on meet the press she said number one john conyers is an icon numbertwo because he's a liberal he can do those kinds of things and number three hayes presumed innocent until proven guilty what what about roy more is a proven as the innocent until proven guilty and the allegations against roy more and by the way if i had to make a judgment right or wrong on roy moore's allegations and the wrong answer met my brains wrong this table i would say most of the allegations are accurate probably correct but we're never going to get to a finding like okay it happened without fourteen 14yearold girl what would shows a terrible sexual luck okay it happen how do we decide 38 years later when the woman's fifty two years old in the statutes run decades ago whether it's accurate or not he denies it but with congressman john conyers he admits to it four women have come forward one was paid twenty seven thousand dollars out of his pocket absolutely on it's out of our pocket we paid for him to sexually harrass and commit crimes at work and what is nancy pelosi so that's okay with me he vote at the right way that's kind of the ted kennedy approach or the bill clinton approach tech candidy participated in the death of a young staffer named mary jo kopechne me he was driving her to some sand dune and martha's vineyard have sex with her while i was merited joan kennedy and she dies upside down submerged in his car and with then a few years he was running for the presidency no problem and within a few more years he was called the line of the senate and then in the 1980s the new yorker magazine to the next tuesday on ted kennedy talking about his dozens and dozens of sexual tryst and has drunkenness sometimes on.

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