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Would rather have someone that they know how to deal with rather than president trump so clearly the Chinese are going to be working during election season to get somebody else elected Leslie on the missiles are they are upset that the US might be the point missiles in the region where there are thousands of missiles according to John Bolton from China and listen to what their chief arms control official said yes a code forty nine China will not stand idly by and we're forced to take counter measures the US deploy intermediate range ground based missiles in this part of the world I wouldn't do it I think is so what I can do about it and they were you have missiles there yeah the point is the United States needs to say this out loud is that China has these missiles what we're doing is just evening out the balance I don't know what China will do there's gonna be a lot of huffing and puffing they're already working against American interests I don't know what more they can do without actually killing an American serviceman you know we gotta remember Brian that these guys actually injured to see one thirty pilots in April of last year over the point of Africa Djibouti and they've entered our diplomats in Guang Jo with those sonic attacks injuring harming Americans so what more can they do without starting a war yeah maybe Hong Kong will be the next thing would say go in there with with tanks well the whole Congress not tank country I made this a last resort for them because they know that they actually introducing the people's armed police or the people abrasion army they've got a long term struggle on their hands because Hong Kong people don't like them to start out with they don't want to be invaded and you got a lot of Hong Kong kids who are willing to die they've been saying that now for about four or five weeks and we've actually seen four suicides went to the protest so there's going to be a lot of blood and not all of it is going to be home on people's blood in its revenue that the that dot mainland China wants right so tankan's not successful that's less revenue so it's a lot less stuff for of China the one thing that really got to worry about is the United States and other countries actually enforcing strict sanctions for whatever they do in Hong Kong there's a lot that we can do Brian prior administrations have been looked into this one is not especially as China challenges us across the board in ways which are considered to be dangerous predatory belligerent and hostile going Chang thanks so much the coming collapse the turn of the name one of his with his books so appropriate right now the market's up a hundred forty four point so maybe things are somewhat settled after yesterday's loss of seven hundred eighty points thanks cordon thanks Brian I we come back I'm gonna go on at the end would Stuart Varney and talk about things that are on the tip of your tongue including the gun control debate here in America Brian Kilmeade show giving you everything you need to now see such security triple team traffic slowdowns on I. four east bound for muscular perfeita five thirty five going to take about eighteen minutes I'm AT towards news ninety six point five W. TVO the three things you need to three we must reform or mental health fluorescent trump will visit both el Paso Texas in Dayton Ohio after shooters kill thirty one people in both lot of people in Osceola county or happy today because the J. ET landfill in whole upon says they're gonna stop bringing in coal out from Porta Rico by the end of the week one one one we'll see if those afternoon thunderstorms affected SpaceX launch set for around dinner time to get trying to send up a falcon nine rocket at six fifty two PM if it happens you'll hear it live.

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