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Like many in political than elective life in the early part of the century, the evolution hadn't occurred in my statements or very much in in that way, which is to say that was something that society in a way that of history as it were needed to to get their history as clearly arrived on presidential politics. That's interesting. It was the arc of his history. That changed your mind. Not any sort of principle or value that you held. I mean, that's about is telling his it gets she changed. And she just admitted it she changed because the culture change the arc of history. Arc of arrived. Yep. Yep. So the arc of history supposed to force everybody into suddenly now, you don't believe the bible what it says about homosexuality. But has the arc of history arrived? Yes, then then you have to discussion I talking about. I mean, that's amazing. And like you said it is not hateful just to express your religious point of that. That doesn't mean you hate people that doesn't mean that even putting that up on the sign doesn't mean, you hate homosexuals. It doesn't you could love them very much and still think you know, what they're doing is wrong. It's not exclusionary because as far as I know, they're not excluding homosexuals from their church. So get off their back. It's a church. What do you think they're going to believe? Well, they don't have to say it. For is different as the left claims. They want us all to be. Oh my gosh. They want to be the same absolute. What they what they want? Yep. So some protesters angered by the signs message vandalized, the church property scrambled the letters damage the sign they broke the plexiglas stole some of the letters. That busted the power box. So the pastor went back out there and restored it fixed. It all back to where it was. Let me get this streets amazing on on these vandals. Morality scale words caused more harm than than than the actual property damage. I guess I mean, that's a bigger. It's a bigger crime. Okay. Good stuff there. And if you don't believe it just don't look at the message, so trifling or whatever happened to just live and let live or read it, and then discount it. How does that hurt? You in any way, it doesn't it just doesn't. We gotta get a grip. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three. It's nice to see individuals who have a who see a problem and have enough courage to take a stand and try to affect some change, Victoria. Hearst is doing that. She is singlehandedly taking on media giant cosmopolitan magazine. But you can help her cause Cosmo hurts kids is on a mission her family's company. The Hearst corporation is publisher of Cosmo. And she still believes it Cozma contains pornography that's harmful to.

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