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He was kind of searching for the game in the first half and didn't find it but still didn't he didn't drop too. Far dp didn't lead lose his discipline. He kind of there was no disgrace. Stuck to what he was good at Brennan continues to grow. Won't talk about maturation. I feel like you know in the last four months. We've seen him go leaps and bounds to the point. Where when you don't have christian pulisic geoana. I heard you talk on the twitter spaces. And i totally agreed with it beforehand. Just that you feel confident that brennan was gonna find a moment in the game or that. He was willing. He was eight capable of finding the moment. And probably that consistency. Where even when we talked about a minimal less. That was kind of okay. How does he turn it into the final product. How does he do this. And you figured when he went to europe that it might be a similar trajectory where he was dangerous and busy and playing but maybe not finding that final product but he's founded almost immediately in europe and he's translated that to the international stage as well which is doubly impressive and even throughout. I mean even when you look to west mckennie thought You know there are a lot of eyes on him he he. I don't think he had his best match. But i would say it was mature. He look composed. He didn't look like he was trying to write all of his wrongs in one match And then yunus mussa eighteen years old and other one. I felt like we talk a lot about verticality and how direct this team is going to be going into this one. We showed you right there. just kind of on the on the goal to sergio dust and then over to peppy how much he can add to this team with the ball at his feet where he can kind of really get going and brake lines with the ball. Acas verticality isn't just with the baugh in behind and same thing goes for areola. Where same thing you're saying. Oh well he's not really capable of of tucking inside with the ball at his feet. He doesn't really need to. He just needs to make that run. It was a vertical run inside to open up a channel for somebody else. And he's a willing runner. You're never gonna question that about him. So i thought overall the game plan work great and it felt like a mature performance. Where even from the manager. He put players in a position to succeed. He ask guys to do things that were within their capabilities. He picked the right lineup He made the right changes. And and overall i thought The.

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