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But when you look at the jets, and what you've now done for your young quarterback your quarterback who green has now named two of his children after you get him. When piece that is very vital to him and his success his progression. And also, Adam Ghaith now, you have something you can focus on I'll sensitively, you know, where to start you know, where to end and it's with Levy on Bill. Yeah. T tell us from defensive players perspective. We've had a lot of quarterbacks on here. So far this morning. Our last game mechanic and others from a defense of players perspective. What does Levy on bell do all week long? What do you have to be thinking about all week long as you get sent to play against the jets? Now, listen, I could be honest with you, the probably most simple yet, most important decision or conversations Choi problem. Liu. And I had when we play guys like Adrian Peterson Dany and Thomas it, and that conversation would simply be in the meeting room Choi RC, how are we going to tackle them? Right. Because you gotta figure out a way to get these guys on the ground. You know, you're going to be space. And when there's somebody who physically puts that done in your head. That's a difficult thing every week. And now you look at a schematic and strategic standpoint with all the ways you can line Levy on bell up starting out at the number one receiver motion back into the Bank show. Now, you know, what the coverage is on when Sam darnold gets in trouble late in down and having Levy on bail on the underneath routes in the options versus linebacker, which he wins ninety nine percent of the time. He's a match up nightmare. And he's the guy who wins each and every matchup in different ways because he's so physically gifted and so now you give them not only security blanket, but you get the defensive coordinator who are facing the New York Jets a lot of problems and cigarette on how scheme Levy on bell. And also on the other side trying to. You don't enforce it meant to young quarterback mistakes. I twelve on. Thank you so much. I appreciate the time very much in your perspective on these huge stories from around the National Football League. I'll take it back to the table. And that is an interesting way of looking at it from a defensive standpoint. And if you're Adam gays, and we know what that offensive I know what the offense is. And you do too that we've seen in Miami. But can you explain for the audience who doesn't know that offense levian Bellevue? Okay. Perfect peace for what Adam gates likes to jab -solutely and now Adam gays skits, the sit in your I've said this on this show before he gets to come in on a Monday and run his offense through lady on bell. Okay. What are the first down plays that we wanna make sure that lady on is going to be a part of our we'll go to the run game inside zone or outside. Don't do. We want to get him on the edge. Did we want to get him out in space? Maybe thrones screens make sure he's part of check down. So Adam gates now has that guy that he can build his offense through and then also on those third down red zone situations the the broken plays again for Sam darnold. Adam gates is going to be able to sit there and go, you know, what? On third downs we on involved in here red zones we want. On involved this way and say don't forget he's going to be in Sam darnold zero time. You've got navy on don't forget about later on. It's going to be out there for you. Those are going to be huge for that often. So fans of the New York Jets are excited fans of the Cleveland Browns are excited and that brings us to this meanwhile on planet earth after dropping thirty five points in a win, Ohio native CJ McCollum had this reaction. So the Adele Beckham trade. For your Cleveland Browns that have anything to do with your performance. I man I'm happy for my guys man on my fans out there, and you know, northeast Ohio we've been struggling struggling on Sundays alone time. Now this last year, we turned it around. And I'm looking forward to the future is very bright..

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