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Society of Gastro Inter Gastrointestinal Endoscopy and on the board of Trustees of a Chicago medical school. Please welcome back to the program. Dr Carey be strong, Doctor, How are you? Great Larry. How are you? You hear me? Well, I hear you fine. Doctor. President Trump is getting pounded on CNN pounded on what I call image and be hard because some states are reporting spikes in the number of Corona virus cases in the President Irresponsibly is ignoring how perilous this is. He won't We won't wear a mask. He's just getting pounded. Now. My question is, Are you worried about the uptick in the number of Corona virus cases being being reported positive? Ofcourse that that is concerning. There's there's no question that concerning I think people are getting tired of being quarantined and being social distance and they want to live the life. Oh, yes, That is a bit of a concern. Everybody look at the stairs 2.3 million cases in the US 120,000. I think we can't identify isolating do contact tracing, So it is a bit of a concern. You can not say it's not a concern. Anybody who said it's not a concern, I think would be sort of missing the boat. Dr Strong the last time we talked, I believe you. You anticipated this, you say when people start going backto work, they're going to be increases in cases on and that is to be expected that not to be welcomed or ignored, but certainly to be expected. I just find the contrast between what you said. And what a lot of people said on the coverage of these spikes to be pretty startling. Well, looking at the numbers that the everybody used to shut down for a lot more ominous. There was a death rate of 5 to 9%. They were taking the death rate by the number of cases. I told you that the one the denominator is small and the death cases are rising a little bit. You're going to get a higher percentage. Now we know probably in all comers of the death rate of this is probably under 1%. That's probably what's going on. Most of the death rates are happening in senior care facilities, nursing homes, the majority of them across the country. Just so you know people over the age of 65 that's most of it. Death rate probably 80%. It was more of an older population is I was discussing with my my physician assistant then. We're noticing that there are more cases, but they're mostly younger people. So the younger people are not getting as sick as the older people. So the majority of the death rate is from the elderly population. But we are seeing a rise, you know, look at people that are are getting out. Mostly our younger people. The older people are frightened. So we're seeing more cases, but it doesn't hit them is badly it, Dave. The older population marry Dr. Carry strong is my guest. Dr Strong. I understand that they're starting trials on vaccines. In Africa and other places around the world. How confident are you that there will be a vaccine developed for the Corona virus in the in the near future? Well, man, I very I think that's going to be the savior from everybody. Emotionally and physically is a vaccination. The drugs are just not there yet. We talked about hydroxy Clara quantity. I told you my feelings on that one. The room disappear seems to be good. But what I'm understanding is the course of therapy is going to be about $5000 so it's expensive. The vaccination will the problem of this will be availability. It needs to be started a very cold temperature. And if there are good numbers out there good trials, But are we going to be able to make it on mass stays? That's the question. I'm hoping there's a vaccination shoot because I think that's going free. Everybody physically and emotionally in the US Doctor of the Wall Street Journal, did a piece that compared to the eight states that did not have a Corona virus shut down to the 42 states that did, and the eight states or North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Wyoming and Utah. All states that are not particularly densely populated. But it turns out they didn't shut things down. And their average unemployment fill lower than the average unemployment fell in the states that shut down and they're Corona virus cases were no higher in some cases, even lower, which suggests that maybe just maybe we would have survived this whole thing Had we not had a national shutdown. Yes, but I don't really believe that. I think that viruses are spread by contact. I mean, we could go back to the 1918 when we have the Spanish flu looking Those things came in ways. There are 100,000 deaths. I choose me. 1,000,100 million deaths. I'm wrong. So I don't believe that, Larry, I think that you hit it on the head that they're less populated. They're probably fewer nursing homes, or maybe a younger population who knows if they were social distancing are wearing masks. But I think the density of the population is the reason there why the economy's maybe have done better and let know locked down. Dr drawn. One of the reasons that the president has been beaten up on on CNN is that he is not where it worn a mask. I don't think I've seen him wear a mask anywhere from time to time. Mike Pence has done so, but little port. The president has not. On the argument is that he's setting the tone. And if he is not wearing a mask, it gives young people the impression that this is really all that not all that serious and they're less likely to practice social distancing, let alone wear a mask. What do you feel? The president should be wearing a mask. Yes. I think the president should be wearing a man. I really do. I told you on the session. The segment before that The mask is your friend. I think the president should be wearing a mask fitting example to others, and honestly, the math may help you as well. So I think that he's wrong Not to where he obviously has his reasons that he doesn't wanna wear it. I think that anybody who's reasonable and thinking about this would be worrying the mask, especially when you're in contact with those people. Dr Strong I haven't heard anybody point to China in a long time. Isn't it? The case that China misled the world about the Corona virus misled the world about the fact that it that it was transmitted human to human on also arrested doctors that we're telling the truth and destroyed samples that could have given us Maybe a head start in developing a vaccine. If those off all those things are true, why has why have we stopped talking about China? I don't know. I can't answer that. A non medical question. It sounds like it's more political. And, yes, I'm hearing the same thing. Report that you are. I don't know why we stopped talking about China. I'm sure that some of the look at we don't know we're hearing what we here. We don't know firsthand, assuming it's true and maybe it's not true. Um, some of that information. Maybe it should have been told to the rest of the world. So why aren't we talking about China? I don't have an answer for them. Uh, Dr Straw may only have a few seconds left. How worried? Are you going forward? Well, I do believe in this thing is really I am somewhat comforted that the death rate is going down, particularly in the state of California. The death rates are going down. The cases are going up, so it tells me that it's mostly younger pieces are getting affected now. Those are the people that are out and about and maybe not social talking. Yes, Doctor carry strong. Associate professor medicine..

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