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The Mona Lisa. Hey Christian, this is Carl. I'm just giving you a call regarding an underwhelming tourist attraction. I've just got back from London and had to do a tour of law 12 there. And it is the most disappointing cricket ground I've ever been to. It is so small. It stands a tiny only 50 to 15 people. There's just so underwhelming. I took my wife there and she's just looked at me going, you can not be serious. This is it. Not exactly the most exciting place to go to put it that way. There's a theme here about Australians traveling the world, you don't like things that you think are too small. Too small. Lords too small. Make it bigger, like the big pineapple. Christian Jack and patty, how did I break a window? I was on my rocking horse. This was the early 70s. I was only a couple of years old, apparently I picked up a bit of speed, and I thought it was the moment cup and I managed to jockey my way through a glass sliding door without even a scratch on myself or my rocking horse. I didn't become a jockey. That's from Lisa. Christian who talk about the first proper gig or live show there went to see. I was very lucky. My first gig was Queen at Wembley in 1986, you've ever seen the footage of this as one of the greatest live performances there ever, certainly from Freddy in the band. Gates opened at 1 p.m.. I got there at 9 a.m. thinking I'd be the first step. Nope. About 30,000 other people with the same idea. Supports include status quo and the alarm, but the first band on very early in the afternoon were in excess. I didn't know inaccessible. Christian, to this day, still one of the best experiences of my life, that's some rich. And then we do have Rod Stewart tickets at the moment. And I'm aware that a lot of you love Rod Stewart. And a lot of you have loved royal Stewart for a long time, like Laura here. Christian, my name is Laura, die hard fan of Rod Stewart. She really is listen to this. There's no sentences in this. It's just a bowl runs into each other with a breathless excitement. I'm 60 years old and I've seen every time he's come to Australia, a scream like an idiot. Don't laugh. I throw my undies on stage like I did in the 70s. Mind you, I was a larger lady then, but now after drastic piras have a lot smaller. I've tried all day to get tickets, no luck. I'm willing to pay top dollar to see my Ida. My idol, my daughter came over yesterday and we were talking about it and she said, mom, if you get tickets, please don't throw your undies on stage. My reply to her was this time there won't be big nano undies, but a G string. Oh. Then I was worried. Whatever they fit my phone number on that. Christian, I will do anything to see him. I will shovel shit if I have to. We don't need to do that. I've got a pair of tickets today. You can go, you can have my pair of tickets as well. Put your shovel down, Laura. Take your G string, whatever you need to do to get your groove on, but you can go and see Rod Stewart. Double pass to go and see rods too at the rod laver arena he's in March next year, bringing his hits towards a rod laver in a master 14th with Cyndi Lauper and John steams as well. Tickets go and sell 1 o'clock this Thursday at live nation. But Christian O'Connell show podcast. We're a try and find out who's got an old band T-shirt. I've got so many old ones, but my oldest one I checked yesterday goes back to 1992. And it's, I know, it doesn't fit anymore. I don't even think my case because I try to pump off them. It's an oasis one for when they're first single live forever came out. It was right before they broke bread because I was insulin before they were really big. I know, yeah. And I'm on the radio. I'm on the radio as well. Probably the coolest man in Melbourne. Number one, maybe number two, but no, no, no lower than that. Jackie boy, if you've got some old paintings. I could only go as far back as 2007. But that's when you were born, isn't it? Bianca and I have matching NOFX band t-shirts. Oh, that's cute. Well, not really, 'cause I dragged her along to the concert. She never wears hers. I still wear mine sometimes. So you got his and hers. She wore it was at the concert. I've never seen her again. Do you often like dress the same in your house? Yeah, we love these Levi hoodies. I tell you every day we're in those Levi hoodies out and about. That's nice. Patsy have you got an old band T-shirt? I reckon I could go back as far as about 2002 2003. It was Brian Adams. It was room service, played at rod laver, arena, and same thing. Well, he had a talk called room service. Yeah, well it was a new album, my own service. Running out. He painted with summer 69 room service. He did the hotel room. What can this album be called? You know what the interview really successful singers? Like it's actually very hard because I wrote all my good songs when I was poor. That's why I like a lot of our music, I say struggles of that first. Simply calling it room service is an anthem for the common man. Thank you very much. Where's my statement again? I ordered this 40 minutes ago. Private jets. And the love club got one as well, but I haven't seen him wear it. Like Bianca chick. No. Because he says room service. But Christian O'Connell show, podcast. This morning we're asking you about your old band t-shirts. What have you got? Christian, I have a U2, Melbourne concert T-shirt from 1983. That's from Sue. Thanks Sue. This is some Chris and king's part. Thanks for jogging old memory. I've never thrown out my new kids on the block T-shirt from 1990. I have to try and find it after work tonight. Morning Christian Jack and pat team oldest band T-shirt is from 1987. When I saw OMD supported by little known band crowded House in Adelaide, only worn it once or twice, but it's traveled many KM's with me in all my various moves. It's hung up in my closet some Allison. Kushner have got voodoo lounge, running stones, T-shirt, Melbourne 1995 at genos drove. I have a scientific from the console I went to in the 80s from Talking Heads that I've only ever worn once us from Sammy also and great live as well, Sammy. All right, let's say it's a cause, 9, four, one, four, one O four three. Your old band t-shirts Amelia. Hi. Hi. Welcome to the show. Hi. Hi Jack and hi patty. The whole team are waving on me. I'm gonna teach it from 92. Bon Jovi still wear it so many holes in it. It used to be black now it's a faded light gray. Now faded like gray. Yep. Yeah, dry from horseshoe to Melbourne to the concert. First concert is an adult man my friend. So awesome. Yeah. Great live on. Do you remember that? Because that would have been a couple of years after slippery when wet. Yeah, yep. Lovely. Yeah, that's correct. Thank you. Pop quiz for me. I love some damn. It's so good. All right, let's see how that went. Hello Emilia.

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