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Why do you think that you don't think they want to canada. Costa rica canada. That's that's an easier draw than the us. Yeah well candidate. Right now is literally limping into their next round. I mean it's it's sad the amount of players. They've lost this kabera team to watch me but when you lose affonso davies before the term has started. Dave doesn't come iraqi knowle's out it just seems like bad luck one after the other. Just everything keeps happening to canada. It's sad but they were a team to watch me all right as much as i hear you talk about the us in jamaica her. I hear somebody with a lot of doubts as to whether the united states is going to get to the semi-finals of the gold cup. Let's hear now from a man who i hope has fewer doubts. That's a manager in charge gregg berhalter. Who sat down earlier today with our ricardo ortiz. You should last week that you need together information about this group of players. What have you learned about your team in this group stage. It's been fun when you think about the the youth we have in this team and being sees guys against international competition and having them learning as well but for us. It's about you know the the broader per player pool and then seeing these guys how they compete when when something's on the line and we've learned a lot and the guys have been doing a good job now that you're in the quarterfinals. What you need to see for your team to be jamaica on sunday so first and foremost a level of competition steps up when you're in the knockout phase and that's going to be Really important sole thing seeing how our guys can step up to this level and really compete because we know world cup. Qualifying is the same level of intensity. And that's what we're going to need to bring to jamaica physical team and we're going to need to match that. What sort of problems do you think that they're going give you. I think physicality issue they. They've given a lot of teams With their physicality for us we need to be moving the ball quickly. We need to exploit the open space. And then when it comes to dealing with the physicality the penalty box really embracing that and competing this young roster Where have you seen lit leadership of the group. I think it's It's difficult to expect young players who are just breaking the national team to take leadership role. And i think it may be too much at times. Even expect that from him. So what we're looking for is just that they continue to grow and continue to improve. And we've seen guys like james sands jean-luc bouzo really step up their game and each game improve and really growing from that perspective. And i think once they get to a stable point now you can start focusing on some leadership qualities as well. How important was for the national team to get that important victory over mexico last month. I think it's just another step in and what we're trying to do and and to validate what you do need to win and You know for our young team. Even that group was a very young team. This group is another young group. And it's about. How do we put ourselves in position to win. And then when were there. How do we actually win. And so for this group it was a great learning experience as we move into qualify moments. Like that are going to be important. The workup cycle is also often called a process. Worry in the process right now So you know with world cup qualifying being delayed you know. We're about a year and a couple of months away from the actual world cup and we feel like we've made a lot of progress building the team but these next couple months are really going to start to define what this group is about in the qualifying processes grueling very difficult games and for our group. Our young group to be able to deal with this. I think we'll go a long way. A lot of different changes in formation receives so evaluate the ability of the team to be pliable and adapt to these different situations. So the important thing for us is that the way we wanna play. Our principles won't change much even though the formation may and you know for us it's important to to hurt the opponent and to to play an effective way against their opponents and whether that's in five in the back four in the back or three upfront or front you know we. We put a lot of emphasis on on being flexible but sticking to our game model. What was what has impressed you most about this group. I just think that the communists of this group. There's a lot of expectations on them. There's a lot of pressure after after the team winning the nation's league now this new group has a lot of pressure to also win the goal cup. But i think we've been hanley. The team has been handling in conway. we know there's pressure but for us. It's about game by game day by day trying to improve. Put yourself in position to win. And how difficult will it be. Do you think they get the twenty three man roster for the world cup qualifying. It won't be difficult because you know through through. You'll have to make difficult decisions. That's there's no question about that but you know there's a lot of leeway in the roster i mean we can change players within the window You know so for us. It's about employing a strategy where we know guys are prepared. A number of guys are prepared and then calling on them when needed their suspension. There's injuries you know with the national team. One thing i realized you very rarely have your full group together and so by playing this broader player giving them experience..

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