Burton Burton, Lamar Pierre, President Trump discussed on Dale & Holley with Keefe


They're not even spell to save our in elo though burton burton serves on a board of directors for aids research alliance a nonprofit medical research organisation dedicated to finding a cure for aids he has been married to the same woman society that it too and he has two children get a blasted because they think he's our ball portland art burton lavarra burden just trying to mind his own business make a living out there yet crush eric crushed lamar pierre said is a thing that president you know that get the picture look at what what are these i wanted to see respond if you've response to heat he's he doesn't do it very much he he did write about it recently where he basically said you know i had to look up who this guy was a he didn't even know who'll of our ball walk as you see that occasionally where they're they're famous people that of the same name as somebody who's not famous in the the personal snapchat famous got the twitter handle first and everyone's royal you'll see those really got so much so thanks on this is who i am lefort burton has a lot more twitter followers and i would guess he's over two million twitter fall releases star trek jays pretty famous i guess i guess so i grew up with them on pbs so in a million people think he's live our ball a million out of the two milliondollar resort are pissed off about his kid beer shoplifter in china that growth pats on the cell phone hey pat how you doing uh let's see with the baseball you notice the whole steroid issue is it's it's the uh you know different read gray area i mean as you said the key word i think this is you know i believe this guy did it i believe this guy didn't do it you know i think if i submit they did it if it did it or if guys flung drug tests and got suspended i don't have to believe i know sure but barry bonds been flunk anything but we all pretty much all levy it it.

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