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And then there was a whole thing where apparently the directors guild has only one person can ever be named as the director, which probably explains why you know, how jaw Sweden came in and directed part of Justice league because x night or had part because family tragedy, and so, but then Zach signer is gets has the only credit anyways. I thought that was sort of interesting, and I didn't realize Bryan singer director of this movie. Anyways. It stars Rummy Remmy Malik from a mister robot. As Freddie Mercury. And he's from Bo Jack horsemen true also from Bosak horsemen, he's a wild performance. It's it's really a lot. It's very much one of those the actor is doing the thing where he really tries to be this other person and at times that can be a little much. But honestly, he's really good. I didn't realize how big Freddie mercury's teeth were he had a really pronounce over bite. And so they gave Romy Malik these big teeth and use the whole performance through these ventures. And but they've done a great job with it. I think it's a cool story. It's about a ban that I didn't actually know the full story of just know their music super well, because I'm like obsessed with how good Queen is that they're holistic and style is like one of my favorite musical aesthetics that exists and. Watching them come together kind of bicker. They were always actually a very functional ban. They don't do the thing that so many other bands do where they fight and they'll age most of the, Freddie Mercury was a lot. He had a very complicated life, but the rest of them are pretty straightforward and they disagree about stuff. But then they just rail these great songs they're very collaborative, and it's fun to watch. And then they use the recordings from the actual recordings of the band. They do the whole Live Aid performance that they did. And it's just you basically get to watch Queen this version of Queen perform a lot which is just really fun. So I thought it was a pretty fun movie. And I don't have a super nuanced take on it. I don't know a whole lot about Freddie, Mercury life. But it was fun to watch a bunch of Queen music in the movie. So. Yeah. I wonder I always think of a quote that I saw about Penn and teller, and they're talking about the relationship and talking about how they're like, not close friends, and that's part of what makes them Mabel to just like beyond the road together constantly and challenge the other, and I always wonder about bands, like if if one of the keys to being a successful band is to just see yourselves as just like co workers who collaborate together and not like close friends. Yeah. There is that and it has some cool things to say about collaboration. It's kind of a weird movie because it's both a movie about Queen. And also a specific movie about Freddie, Mercury..

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