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Someone even listen is anyone can to be surprised if dion lewis could be the mvp of this game of course not james white maybe maybe maybe should have been last year shane marine changed the game against seattle so there is going to be a way against this fast eagles defense that they not only go in with a game plan but that they achieve just when they have to and that's why i think the patriots win the game yeah that's the hallmark of the patriots being able to address like that and obviously you mentioned with eagles need to do when you look at eagles defense you said they have a great front they're not a great defense what's the weakness of that eagles defense out in the corners aren't great now listen have they played better than people thought including myself after seeing them in training camp in knowing the personnel yeah they have they've played better but to me this is what happens in the nfl seasoning and you know that spread confidence starts they beat the giants the giants who were awful i'm not going to defend the giants here but they beat the giants in week three on a sixty one yard field goal although certainly chains both teams seasons the giants at one and two might actually feel like they have a chance the the eagles beating the giants sending them to own three the giants were cooked they were done and the eagles felt like they could win those kinds of games and then they went on and did it but i think the other players especially in the secondary have played better as their seasons gone along and they've gained confidence and listen the best way to help a defensive backwards you now was with a a great front apps that's how they've gotten this done i gives jim schwartz an awful lot of credit yeah he's done a great job in a.

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