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Or ruptured when Ali Stoker made history as the first actor in a wheelchair to win it, Tony award stroke, her paralyzed from the chest down to a car crash when she was two one for featured actress in a revival of Oklahoma. Tom Foty, CBS news. This is something California's only twenty four hour local news and traffic station. KNX ten seventy NewsRadio. Good evening. I'm John Stevens. Our topic was stories at ten oh, five. Hours after Santa Anita denied a request to suspend racing following the death of a horse. Another poor died there, and the annual pride parade steps off in West Hollywood to tails on these stories coming up after traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the fives. Here's Lauren Nickerson. Well, there's some problems in the past the four zero five northbound at sepulveda's are now there's a two car crash there that is blocking the middle lanes. That is causing some slowing all the way up through the past adding to that is another problem on Sherman, oaks, one eastbound connector to the four or five north. There's two car crash there as well. So that's just causing it to be a rough ride in that area. Glendale, five northbound connected to the two, there's a crash there on the right shoulder. It's not really bad on the five northbound but the cellphone five is just had a rough night. It's slow between Los villas and stadium way. Cal trans work slowing you down in Boyle heights on the sixty westbound connector to the ten west. They've shut down the two right lanes until tomorrow morning for some Cal trans work which just leaves that left lane. Open that's causing the five north to be sluggish as you come up from Indiana and in Burbank, starting tonight at about nine o'clock. One of his history at the five is shut down to one lane in each direction between San Fernando boulevard and Winona, that's forcing. Cal trans work and shanavie springs, southbound Florence on ramp to the five south shut down for long-term bridge work next report at ten fifteen I'm Lauren Nickerson. With more traffic reports, more often KNX ten seventy NewsRadio mostly clear tonight until the overnight hours. And then we're going to have some low clouds and fog moving into could it be pretty warm. It's going to be in the sixties. More.

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