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As you think especially if you want to drink something green Mike Sugerman has the story in today's sweet spot the root of the word phrase is crazy and here's a craze in point form already celery juice change my ways it's changed my I don't drink it's gotten so crazy celery shortages have been reported and celery price spikes when it was a dollar forty nine that was back in August or September twenty this is joy mold January was up to five where you'd remains today the reason book written by the way if self styled filled the room with two million Instagram followers and loads of celebrity fans who swear by the I would like to large salaries you despite the fact there is absolutely no scientific evidence of the benefits he describes I think there's a lot of things that science just has not proven yeah that's Devo T. Gira Gira Myra there is a lot of physical evidence that is happening without the sort of scientific studies being there's probably nothing wrong with that except maybe the ten dollar a day habit the sweet spot Mike sugar meant WCBS newsradio eight eighty blame it on the Jews see Mike sweet spot video at W. C. B. S. eight eighty dot com the starlight lounge for an evening the crescent I've got no secrets and no regrets well the letter addressed but the point is I got nothing to hide kind of like the way progressive shows you their competitors rates you got to put it.

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