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I mean, that's a that's a big asset. You'll giving up the musket something similar in return value. Otherwise, it's like well that was blue that. This is the best case scenario for desma junior to me like you're saying like wrestle situation where like let's say he goes to Orlando, and he's sort of given the keys to run that team that could be good for sure. You know? And that's one I've been you know, seem thrown out. It's pretty simple trade, but it would be a big for a small in Jonathan Isaac for Dennis Mitchell near what was your crazy was that's not the crazy one second. But what about that that concept of that, you know, Mavs get an athletic big match. Got a lot of those guys could use a guard. You take the flyer on a point guard. Dennis Mitchell, hate it. Love it, whatever Jonathan Isaac doesn't do much. Okay. He takes like, I don't know five shots a game or something like that. And it doesn't seem like he's got a ton of upside offensively. I don't know the way the NBA is going. It seems to me you need more than one guy to dribble not at the same time. There's only one ball, but there's forty eight minutes, and there are other ways to make plays the better. And better Luca gets the more teams are going to be geared towards trying to stop him. Somebody else is going to have to score on the other side. But if you were the magic, you're like, absolutely sure. Yeah. We've needed a point guard for ever since. Yeah. It's been a while. And that is a sort of situation for luck. Russell in Brooklyn that could work for for Dennis Smith. Whereas like, you know, what you got nothing to lose the team's not close to contend and go to couple years to really show out here, and before you become a restricted free agent. You know, go go crazy. We know he's athlete. It's just now whether or not he can sort of policies game a little more. Is there anyone that comes to mind in terms comparisons? Dennis Mitchell this early in his career two seasons in to a to a former NBA player to me. It's like a little bit St Francis. That's his game. Yeah. And I'd like St Francis. Who is actually a better shooter much better shooter pretty early in his career. Once Steve's like usage rate started to soar like his officiency, obviously to to plummet. Yeah. Exactly. You is twenty three in a second year and Dennis Mitchell Twenty-one, but if you look at their like per thirty six minutes because because St Francis would playing many more much more minutes than Dennis Smith junior was like at this point. But per thirty six that really really close basically they were eighteen point per game score over per thirty six. Again, Francis shot the ball better. But assists, were similar and usage even similar to some extent. So yeah, I mean and like St Francis. It was a different era. I guess like almost Dennis Smith junior would be better off in that, you know, sort of era. But I think there's some similarities there now, here's the crazy. When you want the crazy, one don't talk about their time of the grizzlies. Yeah. All right. Okay. Grizzly. This would be under the the idea that they're like, okay. Well, this is dumb. We've got all this money in Conley and Ghazal, and let's just move on. And let's make our franchise. Jaren Jackson junior, and let's get Dennis Mitchell, Peres grizzlies trade Conley and more castle. All right to the Mavericks for Smith junior. Wes Matthews expiring deal. Andy Andrea Jordan's expiring deal so grizzlies save a ton of money, obviously become a completely different team. And then it's now just like the Jaren Jackson junior show, and then I guess Dennis Mitchell, and you get off all that money from your bigs, and then Cubans got a team like that. When theory be obviously, much better. Can't do. It. Luca needs the ball. Can't let Mike Conley dribble now by calling cashew. He's way better off the ball a five companies got two years after this..

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