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They say Super Bowl rice, but at the same time, then, at the same time in Romo's second season, he led the Cowboys or 13 and three record and the number one seed very similar to wince. I know, but he never won anything in the end. He always choked it up at the end. That's what I don't like. But the World Series. I like camping. You know, I like the dog. I have Washington last year. I know I got it. I heard you wench that you want to quit. Trivia question. I this coast factotum like middle eighties, One lantern was taking about fight Marvin Agra. Now he had a warm up fight. Against them Wilder weight from Philadelphia. The question is name the Wilder. Wait now knock Leonard on the gash in the fourth round. Any feet. Leonard up pretty good and at the end of a fight, Reiner said. It was his last fighting. Quick was, we ended up winning by technical knock out the ninth round. Which is a little controversial, but He won. But he said that was his last Friday was going to quit, but it was the water weight from Philadelphia already fought. Oh, I don't know this one, Danny, You know, sometimes I have a name of my head and I try to guess and I get it once while you've got to tell me who is the answer here? Seven. Howard Kevin Howard says I sound like a baseball players and Kevin Howard. Yeah, yeah, he It was like supposed to be like a fight, you know? To get him ready to fight, Hagar. And Katherine Howard was a He had a pretty good record. He was a pretty good fighter, and it was the first time landed. It was after he had that eye surgery was a fight he had in a long time. And Kevin Howard knocked him on his ass, and he beat him up pretty good. The fourth, the fifth, the sixth And then Leonard came back a little. But It was a pretty pretty close right yet. Sounds like and I'm looking at his. I just looked him up right now is I guess his nickname was the spoiler. You ever hear that one? The spoiler Kevin Howard, I don't remember his nickname. I know He was a pretty good fighter he didn't have. He had a pretty good record. He always lost one He got against the top guys. Which happens right? There's a lot of boxes like that, Dan. Good trivia. You got me tonight. Thanks, Joe. I'll catch up with you later. There. He goes down with the skills that Dan is not signing up for the Oromos career. All right. I believe he got you tonight. I know. I mean, I've been on a roll with the your boxing expertise is more like fifties through the seventies. Yes, that looked after like, 82 83. You really kind of stop thinking this is my wheelhouse. Yeah, well houses before I was born after I was born. I actually I used to, like boxing. I know I don't watch much. I mean, I mean, boxing barely exists. And I'm being it doesn't. But just in the big sense, I mean Mm eh, Is that kind of stuff you see? Now, if you're gonna watch an event I've lost a couple of those over the years. My brother likes it. So what? Some of them but You know, I used to watch a lot when I was young. Just like in high school and college when it's you know when I do it much sometimes, like those Friday night fights, that's the first time I I got to know Max Kellerman. I think a lot of people now see Kellerman grips went so whatever they get mad, do they even know who he is like where he started? No, it's because he's in the last Rocky movie. Yes, he's in both Creed's but like the rocky movie, Rocky Balboa was before he became the talking head. Yeah, And now looking back. It's weird like a rat like that was all he was and now like in Crete it so That's Max Kellerman, who also does boxing. He was a good boxing analyst like I really enjoyed in front Friday night fights they used to call it on ESPN. To watch it all night like that. That was fun. But I don't really get to watch much boxing more except, you know, blowing up my trivia toe to take down Dan in northeast. Alright, Funds show tonight We got Jody Matt coming up next. Who will take you through the rest of the evening? I'll be back tomorrow at six. Dallas we continues. Who knows? Maybe a three question Thursday on a Wednesday tomorrow, Who knows where it's gone? We're going to have some fun. Tomorrow night on the evening show. And of course we got Jody Mac. Next. You guys have a great night. Right here on sports Radio. 94 paise Joe Julia, There is $1000 up for grabs every single week with the rocket.

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