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Your patients understand lifestyles and exactly what they're going through day in and day out. Yeah you mentioned the dial How many of your patients don't put down a us kind of otc or history means on their intake forms. They don't listed as a medication that they take aim. Because they're picking it up over the counter they don't think of it as a medications like vitamin and their mind. So you really have to start asking questions. If you're gonna catch these you mentioned that ulla patenting has a well-established safety profile. Let's talk about you know when you look at the studies. What are the potential for adverse event. Be if the trials though i was involved with actually showed that Symptoms were very minimal. That significant side effects were rare and that patients will sometimes complain of blurred vision. And that's he didn't get that with any drop. That was four point. Eight percent of patients in dry was seen in three point three percent of patients but we know dry analogy are commingling commingling diseases. The bottom line is that these medications were extremely well tolerated. And the point that i wanna make is that there was no vision threatening problems associated with the use of these medications in general i would say i recommend the The the highest strength zero point seven percent ola padding once-daily Our relief extra strength to eighty percent of my patients. I am right on board with you on that. A lot of patients. That suffer from allergies are also contact lens wearer. So i want something that they put a drop in are able to wear contact lenses during the day. And just don't have to think about it anymore. So that one's a no brainer for me and in my practice and what i also really love is If you guys have the coupons for today in your office all three of them a picture of each is on the coupon and so i just take my pin. And i circle the one that i want them to get so is also very easy for me to still prescribe what i want them to have utilizing this coupon. Even if i'm not physically writing a prescription and sending it into the pharmacy jennifer. I think that the doctor recommendation is so important to patients. And it's really very important for us to really take seriously. Algae may seem to be insignificant problem too many doctors but for patients it's really a significant detriment to quality of life and i want to emphasize that we now have a medication available..

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