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Join me at two o'clock tomorrow afternoon at the federal restaurant. It's a beautiful new restaurant. The federal restaurant in Waltham. It's on tower road in the area in the shopping area of the demolished. Well, market basket, as we know market basket. Look, here's the deal. I'm gonna lead. Take a lot of listeners with me on a wonderful eleven day Danube river cruise and tour starting in Munich, Germany and Indian Budapest Hungary, next fall. I can't feel in all the details. It's a river cruise. We're on the ship. You never have to pack and unpack because the ships are home in the water breakfast, lunch and dinner, unlimited wine and beer at night at daytime visits to the very heart of European history. It is a fabulous trip. Okay. Now tomorrow if you join me at the federal restaurant in Waltham at two o'clock. You are meet you. You'll meet me, you meet some rather nightside listeners, and you'll also meet the folks from collect travel because the folks there from travel, we'll be the share all the details at this eleven day Danube river cruise and tour now is supposed to make a reservation. If you have your all set eight hundred five eight one eight nine four to be there have some refreshments. We'll have plenty of room. So please feel free to come and bring a friend. If you like if you've ever thought about going to the river, no obligation, no obligation. But you'll get some information. Get a chance to meet other folks from WBZ, and we'll have a chance to socialize a little bit. And you'll know more about river cruises by the probably for about an hour, two o'clock tomorrow afternoon, great opportunity. I don't do too many of these public appearances like this. But this is one for tomorrow feel free to join me again is right off one twenty eight in Waltham easy to get to from. The south from the north of the city or from the west it's as simple as that two o'clock tomorrow afternoon at the federal restaurant, and guess what it may open up an opportunity to you to go on a river cruise with me and a whole bunch of nightside listeners, and we'll have the ball. And by the way, if you are out of state, and you can't join us tomorrow. Don't worry if you're out of state, you give you call, and I can give you all the information, and you can meet us in Munich, Germany, or you can fly to Boston, whichever. You wanna do Colette will make it happen for you? They take care of all the details. This is a great company Colette. It's why we travel I'll see you tomorrow afternoon at two in Waltham at the federal restaurant on tower road. I'm so looking forward to meeting many of you some of already emailed me and texted me, it will be fun..

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