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Singapore is one of the only countries, if not the only country them aware of where the tax authorities speaks of immigration departments pretty instantaneously. So, if you've got an outstanding tax bill. so it doesn't have to be tax clearance. It could be any tax bill out signing tax bill, but this comes up more with tax clearances, and you try to leave the country. You'll be stopped. You'd be taken aside the pay them live, but it's you approve. You made a payment for their country. and. Singapore doesn't forget is probably a good way phrasing. I'm so. I had one of my colleagues in in the Netherlands. They called me up and there's A. Melting. Basis! Sets Hi Adrian We've got a head shop us, and he's just troubled into Singapore. With a colleague Jason Why can't. And colleagues being taken away by the Immigration Department upon arrival and made to sign the documents Can you look? So. This guy left Singapore, fifteen years before and didn't pay his taxes. So upon returning, it was made to sign a document saying that he would contact iris and all of his taxes before you have to come true. So yeah I I have current clients. Apple translates. Out Been Stocks. They've told me paid my taxes. Can you help? And they a number might find so all ex-pats where the company may be paying the light, but let's see. So then there's a frantic call to the US head. Have you made the liability I made the payment. Can you prove it send us? Details of it to let the. Case Go. So yeah this. Is a country while you're right going back to one of your earlier questions so low tax jurisdiction. It's veritably straightforward simple. But it does habits nuances so? been stopped me. She wants to be on the wrong side of irs brutal in. Exactly. The nuances exist slightly different from the US Australia coming thinking you know then the roles, and then the slight tweaks me that you need to adopt to that. I'm. Also the specialist! If you if you have which is slightly more complicated. In my opinion or my experiences in the found easier to engage of. H Muscian. Find an answer ounce. Quickest guile whereas in Singapore found a bit more arduous of it more. Painful. Especially, when you talk about foreign tax credits for individuals. and. Also, if your tax nine is not. In. The square box that they've sets.

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