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What what's going on? You do look a little pale. But I think it's something else. Yeah. Something else, something you. Okay. Alvin as you know, and I know and the people listening. No today's Friday. Yes. We just in our one today. I hope you didn't miss our one because we were able to unpack. What we're doing with CSI CSI Christian, solidarity international. We're doing a fundraiser for them this month, and we had on two of the principal people who run that organization. Absolutely phenomenal to hear from them. Yes. What they're doing. It's one thing for us to yak when you hear them tomorrow right there right there on the hope he didn't miss that. Because a lot of times people ask where's God is God alive today? What about all these suffering people? Well, if you listen to our one today, John Boehner and Joel vendors back they are doing God's work along with your help. Because those of you who give to see us. I you make it possible. But you wanna talk about God's work. They are literally redeeming the captives they are literally freeing slaves, and the most amazing thing there's a cab someone who's in captivity for twenty nine years two hundred and fifty. The American dollars. Frees a slave like that two hundred fifty dollars. It's just it's it's almost embarrassing. Think about how wealthy we are in the west that for that kind of amount of money. We can affect a life forever. It's a little chilling. It's it's one of these things that you think I don't want that much responsibility. But folks, God has given us the gift to be able to do that. And so our job is to pass.

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