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Thompson spoke with both black police officers and parents as he wrote the opera every into the black parents they have this talk with their son at a very young age despite the talk the sun becomes a victim of police violence deliberately happens offstage since composer Jeanine Tesori we always knew we didn't want this this might seem to be on stage it really is about possibility deny it and the aftermath and the costs and the consequence for everyone and that you understand the ripple of fact performing this comes at a cost I think to all of us it's one that we all think is worth paying mezzo soprano Brianna hunter plays the anguished mother in blue very rarely do we get to so di rectally communicate our feelings about what's going on in the world it's allowed us to kind of grief and process a lot of trauma and she says she hopes audiences who CV opera can process those feelings too for NPR news I'm Jeff London you're listening to NPR news the great Pacific garbage patch is the world's largest accumulation of marine plastic debris it's estimated to be twice the size of Texas well the more than one point eight trillion pieces of plastic well this summer one intrepid swimmer and environmental advocate has decided to swim through it then the comp is swimming through the polluted stretch of ocean between Hawaii and California in hopes of better understanding more about the garbage that's accumulated there he's been documenting the experience in real time the effort is called the vortex swim and then along with a team of scientists sailors and photographers will be tracking in collecting data for the national oceanic and atmospheric administration the Smithsonian environmental research center and several other groups and we're joined now by been recalled who's currently on his boat in the Pacific Ocean welcome thank you for having me so tell us where exactly you are right now and what it looks like right now we're all about the new point between how are you also it's about the house in mind away from our it is a lot of the plastic in the oceans we know is broken down into small pieces but I've read that has you swim you find a larger objects what's the strangest thing you've run across yeah right most of the broken down so you may need to call to see everyone again how are you you have to have a special night so and then click local make coffee but what a nice we and we eat they created a lock up not like lance and not crazy but also arousal nine times that we have on the cross street is way up on bottled water on bottles of shampoos and are you going to issue a solo push through so we find everything that we are using up all right yeah yeah you said that these micro plastic these tiny broken down pieces even stick to you while you swim I mean what does this tell us about the bigger picture the effects of this patch of garbage in the ocean yeah what we are doing here we we wound up thank you so we could make that I also like and and you will get a work out there on the ice is seeing how all those Michael you kick you when they download Michael plastique with that look on their knees on these on aids and also you know look nasty character what are you holding on so in a white lie news break the plastic for food and eat them according to their armies and going off to change and where are the end of the porch and also so we not only on the line life devotion on us in there in the same time as well and of course you're far from alone in swimming through the ocean what do we know about how the marine life that lives there is interacting with these plastics yeah it's very interesting to see that anytime you see a big day for you you are going to have Ontario because he's been created around it so on the theory that we find that our fall on the coast yet we find the seats that are leaving usually are on the coast so it means that the economy jump for bench when there are new Harry asked and you have become and Stacy Stacy and the truth for our like each and so on but also more organic number we cannot yeah naked eyes request because by the bank back on your life because of that property could all over to that they bring all their species into annual that's Wimmer been the comp he's currently swimming through it the great Pacific garbage patch and documenting his experience.

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