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Um which is kind of like when bill gates you know quote unquote left microsoft agassi's still a technical advisor at microsoft in this happens a lot the rasouli saying okay we don't think that we need eric schmitt to make lots of you'll be the person to make lots of decisions a rule on decisions from the board and all that but we still think that he's very valuable either the company and larry in sergei and soon dr they they think that he can still add something so he still going to be around for his kind of wisdom of of how he ran gugel an alphabet for so long and but this kind of lets him fade away gracefully so that in another year or two who knows he can he can leave entirely while you and i have very different takes on air schmitz rolla google the executive chairman was retirement phase one technical adviser is retirement face two he doesn't wanna work they don't need him they want to keep him around just in case but they don't want him to actually touch stuff oh i think we agree on them you just said it riveria eloquently and made it sound like i'm like no they just they they they don't want to look at aired schmidt every day they're like stay out of his office if we need you will call you here's your new title here's a gold watch thanks i think that if he could if he could still provide insight from time to time and not be an employee or you know he would but you have this is very much like a that one step beyond an honorary title they have to keep him around because he was there from the beginning in things are set up in a way where he has the right answer sometimes.

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