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Hey folks mike pap antonio's new book entitled law inventions which is the follow up to its critically acclaimed novel law and disorder is finally out and available to you to buy the book is a legal and political thriller drawing on paths experience both as a skilled trial lawyer and as a nationally syndicated political talk show host story follows trial lawyer gino romano who was first introduced in law and disorder on her quest for both vengeance and justice in a whistle blower lawsuit against a weapons manufacturer who developed and sold a dangerously defective rifle scope pap built a story around real life events that he's encountered is one of the top trial lawyers in america where he's been fighting some of the world's largest and most corrupt corporations by mike pap antonio's new book lawn vengeance today go to www dot la and vengeance dot com that's law and vengeance dot com check it out i know you're gonna love it this is w cpt's artists city we let you know what's happening in the theater music and visual arts and what you can do to get involved and support the arts in the chicago metro area coming up on friday april thirteenth from six to ten pm theory i can gallery at twenty one zero one south halsted presents like water through stone exploring race and the environment join yuri i can gallery as they welcome social movement students from the school of the art institute chicago and an exhibit exploring race and the environment using their individual experiences with the subject students are showcasing a body of work demonstrating their collective passion for art as a catalyst for socio political change in relation to the environment racism colonialism and class relations while the show focuses on student work it reflects an international perspective through the lives of students exhibit includes paintings front work sculpture as well as a film entitled the principles of disappearance also featuring spoken word performances and a live band for more information check out your e dash aiken dot com i'm grant langston the new ceo v harmony if you're online dating and looking for love you're probably tired of lazy text messages dead in conversations and matches that never turn into days if that's you it's time to try e harmony dating apps of one kind or another have been around a long time but at the end of the.

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