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Let's give her. What's and this is why i have children team for for various reasons but also for this reason because here i can be myself i can explore and i need to explore. Now is difference. There are people that needs the structure. This is where they bloom in instructor when they know what is their order of the day and the no one wants to come in the know what to expect and preach different. You need to listen again to your intuition and get to know yourself and fine. It's not easy and saying businesses as easy but listen to yourself and find the right environment for you. And when you're facing and yet christianity our new workplace snap into this workplace. Speak people speak to people who work there understand what it's like there. Would it be good for you. Would you feel alive there. And for the managers i will say big. A good manager is understanding what the motivation would be agendas of each individual. You are managing is not one-size-fits-all. The manager has his responsibility. But we mostly harrisonville himselves. Yeah that's really good advice. It's a lot of it's not soul-searching but being honest with yourself and sitting with yourself and really asking those questions. Do i need this kind of environment need that. Do i wanna be do. I work on independent. I love being independent and free. Do i like the structure. I think that's a really good point. And i feel like it starts with pen and paper with yourself and like you said talking to people asking questions. Finding out the culture fighting about finding out of. I don't know. I can't talk finding out about why people are there. I mean of course like you said it's going to be different for anyone. I really liked the you. it's not a one size. Fits all approach for managers. And of course we talk. We have been talking a lot about how you work with entrepreneurs based on entrepreneurs and who work with you feel like someone is born and entrepreneur is a special kind of person. Can anyone develop these qualities. I think some some of us has more of tendency to its meaning. You have to be adventurous. You have to speak for the unknown. You have to love the unknown. You have to build confidence.

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