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It could take up a lot of the budget. Obviously they're not going to come out and say, Hey, this is how much we have to spend. But I think it is a good first sign that the Giants aren't gonna have to like slash and burn like some of these other teams are going to have to do. Let's not forget about Alex Trebek High rollers phantom, So you have to roll the dice and then use a dice to fill in the board. Let's have forget about that. I like more than just jeopardy, but obviously he was Would you consider him the greatest game show host of all time, Even though I said my personal favorites Gene Rayburn, because the match game I just loved how loose it wass and they're a little risque. And you didn't really get a lot of the jokes until you got a whole ticker with Martingale was fantastic. Bob Barker was incredible. I mean, there was a number of guys but He seemed to embody, like kind of everything. He had the dry sense of humor, and he wasn't afraid T to use it. And he prided himself in and pronouncing the words correctly and knowing the answers, and I was one of how much he learned from doing that show over 30 plus years had to be an incredible amount of knowledge. But He seemed to have everything, and he seemed to have the show that he actually learned while you're watching. You enjoyed it. You laughed a little bit. And you also learned And you can't say that about most of the The game shows that are out there even though I do love watching him, you know, I didn't learn a whole lot when I was watching match game except that Brett Somers like to drink a little bit, and I mean that was good for me. But this one you actually learn stuff that you might be able to use. But he was right the greatest of all time when you think Charles Nelson Reilly. Nipsey Russell having Oh, yes. Avery Schreiber, Fannie Flagg. Patty doing Don't get me started on match Can my favorite well and he left out my my favorite, Uh, Richard Dawson. Of course, which is a thing I say, Don Sutton Yeah, although, although you kind of cringe when I watch old family feud that would not lift would not How you doing, darling? It was the same. You realize he stopped that. Because I think he married ended up marrying a contestant from the I think it was a family feud that he married and he promised her. He promised her he would stop doing it. So at some point I don't remember when it wass. He stopped kissing the Ah Kissing the contestants, But yeah, the was like, do the on the lips. So it's so seventies they have in the seventies was like, Come on, Richard A. Come on. You need to hear the kiss. Kiss for luck. Kiss for luck. And then he's going for a 2nd 10. Yeah, need. Richard had no problem with that whatsoever. But what stood out Richard Dawson. I forgot about him. I was taking him match game. He was really, really good. On family feud as well. But Alex, which is I don't know. There is something about him bags right? That was like He was a game show host, but he was felt like almost Mohr than that, like he was the game show host. It kind of elevated, too. Above that. I don't know what it was, but maybe it was a show itself. That helped him But how did you look at it? You know, I just thought Here's a guy who broke Bob Barker's record a Guinness Book of World Records for the most hours on TV. Basically, most TV shows hosted what however, they phrased it, And for him, the spotlight was just another piece of set lighting. It was Just it was he always asked to be introduced as and this is from Day one when he took over the show and in 1984 to be introduced not as the star of the show, but as the host of the show, Because for him, he was just the person who ran the board. You know he wasn't a celebrity, and you could tell that he was very uncomfortable even writing a memoir at the end, or Ah, You know, sort of recording videos. So let people know you know what his condition was, but he didn't want misinformation out there. He knew that it would be something has fans really wanted and would appreciate. And he didn't do it in service to his own ego. He did it in service to You know that his fans who basically treated him like a member of the family, and I mean he was. You can't have jeopardy without Alex Trebek. They're gonna have to. You have to find somebody who can You can host and I don't know who it possibly could be. But he just Yeah, your right. He just found a way to just imbued just enough of his personality, but never make it about him. Yeah, we're talking to are Giants insider Andrew bag early of the athletic about his experiences on jeopardy with Alex Trebek with Alex Trebek's passing over the weekend bags. Three time champion on jeopardy and I will forever be introducing you as that bags. When we're talking jeopardy baseball or not backs joining us on the only guest lineup, saying backs to the guys earlier when we started the show talking about Trebek To me. The great game shows were great because the host was perfect for the game show. Richard Dawson was perfect for family feud during that era. Raben was perfect for the match game. Bob Barker was perfect. Four price is right Wheel of Fortune or press. Your luck? Yeah. There you go. But you just you just detailed. That Alex Trebek was perfect for jeopardy because to me that the the most impressive thing he pulled off is that he got You got this entire country at one point in another or another to reeling, Lee sit down. To watch that show and learn something. It's we don't sit down to watch TV to learn. Something was said they'd watch TV to be entertained. We don't weigh don't want to think we want to thinking done for us, and I think if he would have come off is it know it all or smarmy or as high and mighty That show would have had the popularity it had. He was the perfect guy for that show is in the wrong hands. It's just, you know, it's an egghead convention. And people are not going to watch that for 35 years, and he was someone who I think champion learning and, uh and said Hey, look, you know if if you know, facts, you know information. You could be a valuable person. You can win money based on those skills just by being informed being, you know, culturally literate, you know, just knowing about All of sort of human.

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