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Horse as well And it connects back to the center of gravity. Right over the weather's so that's kind of like a piston that that helps bring a horse along when it's being driven from Behind in and when you have a horse in a good rain that collected balanced. They're not as likely to take misstep. You're not going to fast. They're not going to slow Their breathing well. they're relax. It's a happy horse. And that's what this game's about having a happy course well and again not not to get into a rabbit hole on on this topic but to again reiterate why this is important and what the benefits can be and and particularly when horses go from varnay to barnaby or down the road the barn c and d. That what you just talked about. With the balance this is into a conversation about soreness and horses that get off in you know in one of the limbs and are dealing with you know whatever whatever problem might have been triggered this is all a balancing act that starts starts in the mouth and then goes down to the hooves the angle of the hooves and the way horses hitting and essentially it all contributes to soundness and two horse going from being sore going and not operating optimally on the racetrack to feeling good and without aid of of any any other product Just now a horse is feeling better than he had under a different set of controls and a different set of of experience. And you really you can't. You can't stress this enough you know how integral all of this is you know. The total horse management essentially And you know. This is something that i i. Nobody placing a bet is thinking about per se but behind the scenes all of these working parts from from the dentist and the exercise writer and the trainer experimenting with the headgear. Ferrier making decisions about the angles of the hooves and the length of the hooves and all works together It exactly and if you have a horse that out refrain or going to you. Know when they without a frame they can be loading their hind in and throwing their weight behind them.

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