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Luke air dot e. EDU for the third time. Since august. A California jury has found the maker of the popular weed killer roundup liable for damages to someone who developed cancer Brett Wizner is the plaintiff's attorney in this case in blasted bear. The problem here is the leadership at bear the currency of. Bayer made a mistake when it purchased Monsanto and they purchased hundred years where the corruption and scientific fraud the own that mistake and sit down with us. So we can make it right for everyone who suffering from cancer. Bayer bought Krief core based Monsanto last year and assumed its liabilities, including all these lawsuits over the roundup weed killer, it still going a small group of Missouri. Senators have been reading from books since yesterday afternoon in a marathon filibuster against the governor's economic development package, which includes the fifty million dollar incentive for General Motors. We get the latest from Phil filibustering senators or not actually opposed to the. General Motors provision. Instead they want removed. Other provisions added by the house that include other business tax breaks and the governor's fast track program to repay the college tuition costs for mid career adults and five o'clock this morning as the filibuster approached its fifteenth. Our Saint Charles county Senator Bill Aigle made the opponents position clear. Rayleigh about just baking share that General Motors could put their best foot forward with an investment package win. This it lasts afternoon yesterday. Remember of a self-described conservative caucus. That's conducted a number of filibusters against the Senate leadership from the state capital Brookner's, where do you eleven twenty K Molex, and this is a live feed from the floor of the Missouri. Senate right now, we'll continue to monitor this marathon filibuster and see what happens with those GM incentives. Fred, and Missouri and Illinois have joined a lawsuit filed by more than forty states accusing the nation's top drug makers of price-fixing on generic drugs, Missouri. Attorney general Eric Schmidt hopes the suit sends a message. Except that you don't get to engage in this kind of activity where you're artificially keeping prices high and in many raising prices consumers are that's part of my job. Schmidt says the suit outlines cases of greed on a scale that is hard to fathom of prices for some generic drugs hiked as much as a thousand percent that generic drugs named in the suit are prescribed for cancer, diabetes, arthritis and other common ailments and accused cat killer in Saint Charles county is out on bond twenty year old Kane louder of Saint Peter's is accused of torturing and killing a dozen cats that he bought on Craigslist. The judge lowering his bond to one hundred and fifty thousand dollars with ten percent down. So that he can get psychological evaluation and live under house arrest with his father. Charging documents say the dismembered remains of cats have been found strewn about his street and the surrounding area since January louder was arrested late last week after. Police say somebody saw man dumping a dead cat and then driving away in a car matching the description of the suspect's car. Kevin Kelly NewsRadio eleven twenty que Moi. I'm Tom Ackerman..

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