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Wildcats in right exactly and that is just motivated some further all right uh good for him is exciting to the kids playing well yeah there's only one of a mot yet again lee cavalry's common okay at least that's it all moving the needles move in the right direction yes exactly exactly is moving in the right direction so i was in talking to connor about two world series in about to occur show with the eleven case punch outs as we'll have to call malloy don't know that they were all but ever 11 strikeouts and other you know i grew up in la i don't know if he has no sooner the california it's a yeah yeah so the gulf war and sandy koufax was my my man because as lefthanded sadykov climate i am of beaches culture a vehicle live reserve store it will give his sandy koufax the niece who atwood he leads sexual xv board yeah we got it alert sandy colfax is my man because if you were a kid in la and your left handed in this was still like one generation after these that thai lefthanders hands behind their backs the only mit you could get two minutes for if your left hand reaffirm regular mit you could get a sandy koufax mit you know.

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