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6 O three. We're glad you're with us on this cool gray and getting dark early Monday, October the third. Hey, I'm Hillary Howard. And I'm Sean Anderson, our top local story this hour, the pastor of a local Catholic Church in school is suspended over allegations of sexual abuse of minors, details from double DT ops Kyle Cooper. The reverend serves at holy cross Catholic Church in Garrett park, Maryland, WTO is not naming him because no charges have been filed. A letter from the archdiocese of Washington posted on the church's website, states recently we received information the reverend has been accused of sexual abuse of minors that allegedly occurred in another diocese decades ago prior to his ordination to the priesthood in 1991, an email from the school connected to the church, says whatever happened occurred in Virginia. Alexandria police say no charges have been filed, the reverend is on administrative leave, WTO has reached out to the diocese for comment. Kyle Cooper, WTO news. Systemic abuse and misconduct happened frequently at the highest levels of women's professional soccer. That from a new report from the U.S. soccer federation. It also says the sports governing bodies and team executives repeatedly failed to listen to warnings or punish coaches who abused players. The accusations involved two former Washington spirit coaches. The allegations in the report about former spirit head coach Richie Burke included. An employee described him described Burke's treatment of players as battered wife syndrome. WTO peace Jose Omani covers a team. He would go from being very upset with the player yelling at them to then the next day apologizing. Burke was fired, he denies the allegations, ammonia says since then ownership has shifted with the team and when former coach Chris ward was accused of an incident involving players earlier this year. They were quick in terms of pulling the trigger and firing him. That incident remains under investigation, Mike Morello, WTO news. Now to expanding home ownership for black washingtonians over the next 7 years, the city is hoping to turn 20,000 of its black residents into homeowners by offering financial help. D.C.'s home purchased assistance program now has a $10 million black home ownership fund. To the maximum amount of assistance under that program, rose from about $80,000 to $202,000 on Saturday. John is D.C.'s deputy mayor for planning and economic development. We have new programs that were very excited about the city, for example, is building new housing to be available at below market rates, using various programs, someone might have a mortgage of a $147,000 when the town home right next door is going for $600,000. In the district, Christy king, WTO P news. If you're an Uber eats or Grubhub driver, listen up. You could soon be fined in the district for stopping in the road to pick up or drop off food deliveries. Right now, the department of 400 vehicles only enforces traffic violations for cars carrying passengers like ubers, but under a new bill they could have jurisdiction over food delivery cars. Emergency and temporary legislation here are very narrowly tailored to only give the department the power to issue traffic citations. Council member Charles Allen at a recent council meeting says they need to find a parking spot and stay out of traffic lanes. To be clear, this would not apply to delivery services like Amazon or FedEx account member tree on white voice concern about targeting these delivery drivers. Most of these workers are trying to hustle to make ends meet more of the council will have a final vote will then go to the mayor for approval. Luke Luger WTO news. Coming up after traffic and weather here on WTO, a warning about foods, many of us eat every day. A new Washington Post report shows ultra processed food could lead to serious chronic diseases will go in depth on that with a Washington Post reporter coming up. It's 6 O 7. Here's a highlight from Lakshmi ashok, the vice president of enterprise service management at leidos, on federal news networks, cloud exchange webinar presented by lighthouse. We've got to carefully balance flexibility and ease of use with security. So you've got to make sure that what you have in the catalog has good guardrails placed on it in terms of compliance. Listen to the entire discussion on federal news network, search cloud exchange. Your mission success depends on the security of

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