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Colerain township trustee Matt Waller good evening man good evening I'd on your dress I'm pretty good I was surprised when I called you earlier today to to hear that you were self quarantining I am self court pleading now yeah I've had a slight temperature for the last two or three days and develop a little bit of a dry cough and shin shortness of breath and called my doctor and he said right from the lock it down instantly as the pack out and we're gonna see how things go and if it if it progresses which I understand if it can work with this client of ours the progressions all go ahead and you can get the best not yeah you're talking about this the elevated temperature the body aches dry cough it's like all of the red flags represent oh my god this is what everybody's been talking about do you feel like that may been at do you think that you've been exposed to do you know that you've been exposed at any point you know I I don't know I've been pretty much the last I guess now twelve fourteen days pretty much locked up in the in the house abiding by the governor's order in in just going out for grocery shopping in in just a central trips but you know sometimes it takes a little bit longer for this to show symptoms and I'm certainly teaching it did Miami and at the end of the teaching elder although it's been a long time since I've been to both places yeah in in corn township trustee it down around a lot of people so I certainly when it I guess the phraseology now's an abundance of caution okay all right so he'll find that's the irony I pretty much feel okay it's just that the symptoms started to present themselves and you look at the numbers and you know it's it's not something you want to play around with yeah I mean you don't even question whether it's psychosomatic at that point or not you just kind of assume well let's let's ride this out and see what happens and hopefully you don't have to go to the hospital the other thing is a few people percentage wise actually have to be hospitalized and any were smaller percentage and again we've been talking about this for days now you don't know how many people are actually infected with this I mean the mortality rate maybe point two percent once we find out how many people actually have this covert nineteen virus in their bodies or have had it I just hung a lot of the test now seem to be going in for good reason to to a New York into the Illinois and in Louisiana and New Jersey and some of these big hot spots so did your doctor talk about when you might get a test if you would yep they're very hard to get my really don't wanna jump on one right away unless I'm really starting to feel bad but you know I eat I'm going to get in touch with him again the Marin given up give them an update we're gonna take it from there but I don't who for seventy two hours you know I could be wrong so to speak but monitor is not much I can do till may first anyway so I might as well just write it out your home and then I will watch a watch old reruns of of little house on the prairie you are you are leading a charmed exciting life are you not yes so I mean let me ask you what I've been asking everybody else because whether you feel ill or not or you may be infected or you're not you're not a confirmed case or not what are you doing with all this time are you doing productive well I'm still actually for both schools I'm still teaching we're doing online classes okay in that produces probably three or four times the paper flow that question person produces so I'm doing a lot of grading as well inductive come up on some reading in I have scrubbed everything in my house probably ten times in the last week I've got four oh nine a Clorox and and you know every time I look at a sport we stop in the incidence pregnant and spring life phone and clean everything off well you know that I've I've kind of updated one of my Jerry Jeff Walker resumes that I've had for years you know what's the best way to make sure your house gets clean either become addicted to crystal meth or get covert nineteen when when you're addicted to crystal meth I understand that you're using a toothbrush on the bathroom floor yeah I don't I don't I've never experienced that honestly but that's what I've heard so what's going on with this I know you're Colerain township trustee but the city of Cincinnati now vice mayor Smitherman talking about you know stop industry cargo to stop the street car to prevent the spread okay I'll go with that M. and queen city metro I mean you gotta have you gotta have mass transportation apparently that that's what they keep telling us and that's why issue sevens on the ballot again whatever the election happens what's at April twenty eighth I guess I I voted the first day of early voting and it's been so long I think I forgot what I voted for Moore yes but mayor Cranley coming out yesterday with his very emotional announcement that he was gonna have to lay off seventeen hundred Cincinnati city employees because of the lack of funds coming and the lack of revenue is that an issue in Colerain township I'm sure it's going to be an issue everywhere were walking according township the is it the ministration pretty much when the governor said he is going to cut it stayed on a hiring freeze and impact budgets immediately our leadership team went in and reviewed all the revenues to see we're we're we're we're going to be asked we looked at it expenses in we have been on top of that since you know since the crisis started but I think it's gonna be a long no matter what happens with the the health portion the economic fortunes gonna be a long haul I mean you you mentioned some snags before Macy's the car with a hundred and thirty thousand people yeah some jobless claims last week three point three million new ones this is gonna hurt yeah that's the biggest week before that was like seven hundred thousand in nineteen eighty I thank Allah maybe in the in the in the in order to handle the Carter administration yes three three point three million people filing for unemployment my wife one of them I I haven't filed because I've still obviously got this job so I do want to take any funds away from anybody else but now no revenue stream from the bar obviously in Kentucky which you know what I'll I'll live with it my wife working a part time job she's going to get a few dollars a week probably she'd successfully filed hers that's been the other issue is the unemployment system even though they okayed the money in the extension in the stimulus package extended to four months of unemployment insurance for people who've lost their gigs through no fault of their own even with that it's a it's a drop in the bucket compared to where we were before because the economy was really wearing on almost all cylinders before this happened yeah I think you're gonna see Thursday when they release new job claims another just use the increase because even in Ohio and I think it's been the case in a number of other states they've just been overwhelmed on the websites with the filings and three point three million last week will probably understated people couldn't get it done it took Krista a week finally to get through on the website without it crashing on her or without their them you know dumping her out in fact Sunday she finally got it done and she said I've been trying for two hours let's see where was I said you were sleep okay I've been I've been trying for two hours and I got almost all the way through and then it dropped me and thank god when I log back in and had my information safe so she was all part of that but it's just been a nightmare in so many ways for so many different people do you think the government over reacted whether it be the state of the federal or whatever and and you're somebody who may actually have covert nineteen see do you think the government overreacted bad what do you think yeah I just don't know because the numbers you know I've told people this is this is really a like a hundred years old a hundred years epidemic your extension it's something the president and the president president called it a plague today and and it may be in that category I'm not sure I I just think the way it spreads really presents a lot of problems spread so quickly so I I wouldn't say they over reacted I eat you know you take a look at Ohio which has probably been one of the stronger sacking states for absolutely to Tennessee which has been much more laid back and those numbers are just if you compare the two were incredible yeah yeah so I you know I I I don't know I guess history will tell well if we if we over reacted certainly we're gonna be with the economic issue for a while and you know I'm reading now in China were your closing things down again because they have a second wave coming through well they started allowing people to come back into the country that's what they said initially that these were all exported cases and there was only one a domestic case that had popped up that was a couple days ago but yeah I've I've heard about the second wave thing I did I don't really don't trust much that's coming out of China at all regarding this I don't I don't much of what comes out of China their numbers are just they're they're fictional I think at this point when the list thirty seven new cases a day or something right none of that there's episodic evidence from from a number of news outlets that talk about Wuhan orange ordering so many a basis for the crematoriums and how many people that that the number of deaths were much much higher than what they've actually report yeah I mean we had infrared satellite pictures before it was even here in the United States are before we knew it was here of the of the area around Han they said the only get this imagery when massive amounts of bodies are being burned so we saw that back and you know what January a letter late January early February I don't trust I don't trust me or send I don't trust I don't trust the World Health Organization either because of the way they have always cozied up to China even though United States gives W. H. O. more money than any other country up they are absolutely praising China and kowtowing to China at every turn I saw an interview I don't know if you saw this there was a woman in Hong Kong the reporter in Hong Kong who was questioning Bruce our whose like second in command at the WHL.

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